8 former Blizzard employees founded Notorious Studios

8 former Blizzard employees founded Notorious Studios

A group of developers who previously worked for Blizzard have announced the creation of their own company called Notorious Studios.

8 former Blizzard employees founded Notorious Studios

All Notorious employees have previously worked on development for World of Warcraft, including the two co-founders. Chris Kaleiki was the class system designer on Blizzard’s MMORPG. While Doug Frazer is a senior gameplay engineer. Both left Blizzard last October.

Accordingly, the team currently consists of 8 people and wants to grow the studio to 12 employees by early 2022. Developer Riot Games has invested in the new studio as part of a $5 million funding round.

The investment will go towards the development and launch of the debut title Notorious, known as a massively multiplayer RPG.

Kaleiki talks about the company’s plans to promote a positive, inclusive company culture. “The challenges Blizzard has had over the past few months is really troubling for those who have stayed,” he said. It also affects us, even though we’ve been away from Blizzard for a while.”

Sharing more about this, Chris said: “It is important that we have now started a new culture at Notorious Studios where there is transparency and openness. We look forward to implementing many projects that are still in the pipeline and all hope for the best.”

According to the studio’s official website, one of the characteristics of Notorious Studios is that there are no executives and all employees are equal. This will help avoid discrimination in the workplace.

The studio is developing an online third-person role-playing game that focuses on real-time combat, additionally, it will take place in a new fantasy world. Gamers can completely trust this unit when there is an investment from Riot to enjoy cult products in the future.

What’s special in Pokemon Unite’s Halloween event

The Pokemon Unite Halloween event has officially started today with new Pokemon and Halloween-themed images. Currently this game is receiving a lot of good feedback from players.

Starting today, Pokemon Unite will bring players new experiences to welcome Halloween with spooky character designs inspired by this festival and the launch of new Pokemon. The background of the game will also be changed for the correct Halloween atmosphere.

The new Pokemon that appeared is Greedent, a melee assistant that can launch healing balls to help teammates recover. Greedent greeted the field with a very Halloween-appropriate look, matching the costumes of many other Pokemon such as Bandit Style Lucario and Bonfire Style Charizard.

In addition to the new Pokemon and game setting, the Pokemon Unite Halloween event features spooky costumes for Pokemon trainer characters, such as candy bags and Pikachu pumpkin masks. The Mer Stadium battle arena also gets a Halloween look in this event. Pokemon Unite’s Halloween event series will end on November 7.

Pokemon Unite is a free human spin-off on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. In this game, two teams play, each team has 5 members will participate in battle to win.

Pokemon Unit received a lot of praise because the game developer relied on positive feedback from players to continuously update and adjust the power balance of Pokemon. Since its launch, within only 2 days, on both CH Play Store and Apple Store platforms, Pokemon Unite has achieved huge downloads. Soon after, this game also occupied the top 1 position in the free action game category.

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