After princess diana, revenge fashion continues to cause storms by a series of world beauties

After princess diana, revenge fashion continues to cause storms by a series of world beauties

On the day Prince Charles publicly admitted to the affair scandal, Princess Diana made the British public and press explode with a fashion appearance that broke all rules. The body-hugging black silk dress with a deep cut at the chest, designed by Christina Stambolian, was seen as Diana’s response to years of subjecting herself to Royal standards only to receive a humiliating betrayal. eagle. This classic costume became an anecdote known by the media as the “Revenge Dress”.

After princess diana, revenge fashion continues to cause storms by a series of world beauties

Not stopping at that historical moment, revenge fashion with the most gorgeous and spectacular outfits continued to “break” with the response of many female stars. This is like a way to express yourself with all your beauty and confidence after broken relationships.

Appearing on the red carpet for the first time after her divorce from Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey made the press “wave” at the 1997 MTV VMAs. The outfit “burned the eyes” to the extreme. with a super-short crop top and a daring slit skirt in mysterious black as a sign of the diva’s moment of freedom after 7 years under the control of her ex-husband.

In August 2001, after the end of an 11-year marriage, Nicole Kidman had to stand alone for the first time in the same event with Tom Cruise at the premiere of The Other movie . Before her ex-husband, “Australian swan” chose a LBD (little black dress) with strong silver stripes as if sending a message of her steadfastness.

Not colorful but full of ambition, “little black dress” is the typical creation of Coco Chanel in the uprising of feminist thought in the fashion industry and brought her to the “kingdom” of dominance.

The love story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was one of the most repeated stories on the radio in the 2000s. After Ben was discovered going to a strip club and J.Lo was repeatedly caught not wearing an engagement ring, culminating in the breakup of the couple that shocked the entertainment industry in 2004, on the red carpet of the Global Awards , Jennifer bolded her self-esteem with a colorful evening gown . Deep chest-cut gold carries a profound meaning of self-respect and power.

Since she has not officially entered the Royal family, Princess Kate Middleton is also not a person with excessively liberal dressing style. However, during their brief split in 2007, Kate seemed to want to ensure that Prince William would be a part of the past with a stunning silk halter top with a slit for a night out with friends. raft.

Kristen Stewart ‘s somewhat rebellious fashion style only really revealed itself after ending her relationship with Robert Pattinson. At Chanel ‘s Autumn-Winter 2013 Haute Couture show , Twilight ‘s lovely Bella once officially “transformed” into a more gritty image with Chanel’s tweed jacket , leather shorts and especially gloves. hand motor with large chain rings.

However, instead of targeting Robert, this masculine image of Kristen is a move to “retaliate” against tabloids for gossip about her homosexual orientation.

Jennifer Garner has temporarily put her career on hold to devote herself to the family she built with Ben Affleck. However, the marriage ended with his “stealth” relationship with the children’s nanny and irreversible alcoholism. Amidst divorce rumors, the actress attended her first Academy Awards ceremony without Ben Affleck wearing an all-black Princess Diana-inspired off-the-shoulder dress as a tacit confirmation to the actress. general public.

Met Gala 2017, on the occasion of The Weeknd’s first red carpet event and new girlfriend – Selena Gomez as a couple, Bella Hadid “stolen” all the media attention with a crystal-studded bodysuit. sexy from Alexander Wang. Forgetting the Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between theme that year, the model seemed to want to show off her perfect body with her curves as a declaration of war with her ex-boyfriend.

Speaking of revenge, Khloé Kardashian even has a TV show called Revenge Body with the statement that “a great body is the best revenge for bad ex-boyfriends. high school slanderers”. After discovering the affair of her boyfriend Tristan Thompson and Kylie Jenner ‘s best friend – Jordyn Woods, Khloé “high-handed” and her sisters posted on Instagram a photo taken with suffocating sexy clothes. breathe.

In it, the main character, Khloe, shows off her “vengeful body” in a striking black lingerie under a see-through dress studded with stone beads that “burnt” all eyes.

The morning right after the release of the single Lose You to Love Me , whose lyrics were rumored to imply a love affair with Justin Bieber , Selena Gomez was seen walking down the street in a feminist suit . Givenchy. Not long after that, Hailey Bieber also posted a song by Summer Walker with the title I’ll Kill You , causing the Internet to immediately explode.

Although both Selena and Justin have “insinuated” to deny the conjecture of netizens, her image and video defending women against injuries on Instagram still make the talk continue endlessly. .

Just hours before the release of the re-recorded version of her album Red , Taylor Swift appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers in a black dress “also off the shoulder, V-neck, and tight” by David Koma reminiscent of David Koma. to Princess Diana. Fans have pointed out that the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) is a plan of her “reluctant” revenge against Scooter Braun, as well as Big Machine Records, following a copyright dispute over 6 Taylor’s debut album.

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