Armani prive couture fall 2021 returning to 1950s hollywood movies

Armani prive couture fall 2021 returning to 1950s hollywood movies

fter a difficult and tumultuous period in 2021, fashionistas can once again enjoy spectacular works of art at fashion week.Parisian luxury. Besides the catwalks of Chanel, Dior, Fendi, etc., Armani Privé is also a fashion house that makes the fashion village eagerly await.

Armani prive couture fall 2021 returning to 1950s hollywood movies

In this comeback with the Haute Couture Fall 2021 collection, the brand wishes to spread positivity and limitless optimism through trendy designs with eye-catching and attractive colors. For that reason, designer Giorgio Armani has specially selected the most eye-catching, “slick” fabrics to fully convey the beauty of fashion mixes.

“This collection is a rebirth, flowers are in full bloom, and it contains both a sense of liberation and freedom of the soul,” Armani said. It can be seen that, even at the age of 87, nothing can stop his overflowing creative emotions as well as his artistic eye for fashion and design.

Held at the Italian Embassy, ​​Armani Privé Fall 2021 is likened to a lavish “party” of the aristocracy, where the ladies show off their nobility through splendid and flashy outfits. There is no use of gentle neutral fabrics, but his designs are characterized by an extraordinary elegance and sophistication with colorful organza and satin silks. Perhaps that’s why the name of the collection has been condensed into one word “Shine” – shining, glossy but still extremely ethereal.

Opening the Armani Privé show, the audience admired classic jackets in luxurious velvet fabric, with various stylized designs. From the sophisticated pointed shoulder bridge to the delicate cuts to reveal the collarbone, all are “emphasized” with unique and elegant silk decorations.

Or, go for more versatility and femininity with a cropped kimono jacket, punctuated with a light and petite lapel accessory. The design of silk pants when sewn in a flowing form, cleverly transforms with a neat and smooth tube, combined with a transparent tulle fabric outside to give a trendy, more innovative look. Thick layers, sometimes hidden, sometimes show, emphasize the depth and irresistible charm in each fashion house’s outfit mix.

Later, the “glamour” grew even stronger when Giorgio Armani put on the catwalk models of long dresses with outstanding hologram effects, reflecting light with each movement on the runway. He seemed to bring the audience back to Hollywood movies of the 50s and 60s with timeless elegance with a delicate pastel color palette and fluid movements of overlapping, pleated organza layers to create a floating visual effects like water waves.

The sequin designs are also one of the most unique highlights of this year’s Armani Privé collection. The glittering sequins are sometimes attached along the contours of the delicately interwoven ruffle layers, sometimes full of “exaggeration” when covered on the material. It all seems to bring magical energy to the exciting return of the fashion industry in the new normal.

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