Artycapucines 03 celebrating contemporary art in louis vuitton’s own way

Artycapucines 03 celebrating contemporary art in louis vuitton's own way

First introduced to the fashion world in 2013, Capucines quickly became one of Louis Vuitton’s favorite handbag designs. By 2019, this bag model is trusted by the French fashion house to become an “art messenger” in the annual Artycapucines project in cooperation with famous contemporary artists to convey creative inspiration to the world.

Artycapucines 03 celebrating contemporary art in louis vuitton’s own way

For Louis Vuitton, Artycapucines is the perfect intersection between contemporary art and high fashion, a place for artists’ unique creative visions to sublimate and reach the masses in handbag versions. expensive limit.

Following the success of the previous two seasons, Louis Vuitton recently continued to launch the third part of the Artycapucines project in collaboration with six famous names in the contemporary art community, namely Gregor Hildebrandt, Donna Huanca, Huang Yuxing, Vik Muniz, Paola Pivi and Zeng Fanzhi. Regardless of Capucine’s inherently trendy design, each bag undergoes a manufacturing process that combines the limitless creative thinking of the artists with exquisite craftsmanship and state-of-the-art in-house techniques. Fashion becomes a unique work of art.

Gregor Hildebrandt brought his love of music and a special interest in vinyl records, video tapes, etc. to inspire the creation of Hildebrant’s Capucines bag . The black ink bands are derived from magnetic dust taken from old vinyl records and video tapes and the signature “rip-off” technique has been utilized by Gregor to create minimalist yet liberal black ink streaks and stand out on the white leather background of the bag .

Contrary to the minimalism of Gregor Hildebrandt, Zeng Fanzhi brings to the Capucines bag a world of vibrant colors combining traditional Chinese and Western quintessence. The artwork on the Zeng’s Capucines bag is a re-creation of Vincent Van Gogh ‘s self-portrait he released in 2017. Instead of the original’s splashes of paint, the skilled craftsmen of the Zeng’s Capucines. Louis Vuitton used sophisticated embroidery techniques with more than 700,000 stitches and 42 different thread colors to complete the bag.

Inspired by the interaction with the female body, Huanca’s Capucines was created based on two paintings Cara de Fuego and MuyalJol by female artists. Donna Huanca is known for her vibrant, colorful installations made based on discoveries of empathy, awareness and identity that she experiences through her instincts. me.

If Huanca’s design is known for its intense color gamut, Muniz’s Capucines is playful, captivating with its arbitrary layout and vibrant trompe-l’œil effects. Inspired by his Quasi Tutto (2019) series, Muniz arranged small, fragile paper-cut objects and attached them to Louis Vuitton’s trendy Capucines bag.

Muniz is famous for his works that recreate images of art history and popular culture from the leftovers of his artistic creation such as scrap metal, pigments, earth, and even chocolate and furniture. play.

Paola Pivi is known for her works that use familiar images to challenge and force viewers to re-examine their own worldview. Pivi’s Capucines bag pattern was inspired by her One Cup of Cappuccino Then I Go (2007) work. Prominent on the high-class white leather background is the striking jaguar image delicately embroidered by Louis Vuitton’s artisans.

The embroidery is then overprinted using state-of-the-art printing techniques to create the final product with a fur -like surface and the golden hue of cappuccinos. Pivi’s Capucines also comes with two fun and trendy small front button pockets.

Huang’s Capucines is a special remake of his 2019 painting The Colossus Hidden Deep in the Hills . Crafted from Huang’s signature oval brushstrokes, the Louis Vuitton Capucines bag offers a stylized landscape sky with mountains embroidered in vibrant rainbow colors. An artist with a magical vision and works that meticulously combine art and bold and bright colors, Huang Yuxing is famous for his paintings of landscapes and abstract still lifes using fluorescent colors. brilliant light.

According to information from Louis Vuitton, the Capucines designs in the Artycapucines 03 project will be available for sale in stores around the world with a limited quantity of 200 pieces per model by the end of October 2021.

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