Expectations and disappointments two phrases that accurately reflect the face of Man United in 2021

Expectations and disappointments two phrases that accurately reflect the face of Man United in 2021

Although Man United has experienced an extremely prosperous early stage of 2021, having finished last season in second place in the Premier League and reached the final of C2. But this really isn’t the strongest Red Devil I’ve ever known.

Expectations and disappointments two phrases that accurately reflect the face of Man United in 2021

In the early period of 2021, the achievement of the Red Man is even more impressive than its city rival Manchester City when coach Solskjaer’s army received only 3 defeats. In addition, they can do what many previous seasons have not been able to do is keep a clean sheet against Manchester City in both legs of the Premier League. In the second leg at Etihad, Harry Maguire and his teammates also defeated City with a final score of 2-0.

The progress in the second leg helped Man United finish the season as runners-up in the Premier League. This is also their highest position since the post-Sir Alex Ferguson period. At times, Red Devils fans dreamed of the championship race with arch-rival Manchester City when both teams followed each other point by point in the rankings. But the stability is what has caused the Red Man to slow down and be far behind the neighbor with a distance of 12 points.

At this moment, all focus is on the final of C2 when Man United face Villarreal Club. Many experts also believe that this may be the first title of the Old Trafford team under former coach Ole Solskjær. This is also something that can be completely confident when witnessing the journey to the finals of the Red Devils. The representative from England excellently crushed AS Roma club with a total score of 5-8 after two matches. The outstanding strength at that time made many people confident that the Red Man would firmly hold the C2 trophy in his hand.

But the sky was not as calculated as Ole Solskjær, the Old Trafford team proved helpless before the scientific defense of the Yellow Submarine. They only got the equalizer goal due to the goal of striker Edinson Cavani. On the free kick, goalkeeper David De Gea failed in the 11th kick and presented the trophy to the representative from La Liga .

Ending the season empty-handed made the BLD of this team continue to promote investment to improve the quality of the squad. Young talent Jadon Sancho and experienced midfielder Raphael Varane were respectively brought in according to the wishes of the Norwegian coach. The football village also had the opportunity to stir when Man United reunited with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in the final days of the transfer window. The quality preparations before the new season made many people expect the return of a force in England.

But former coach Ole Solskjær shot himself in the foot while repeatedly performing weak and lifeless football. The diving in the middle of the rankings in the first half of the first leg and many instant failures against small clubs, led the BLD to make a decision to fire the Norwegian captain. Ralf Rangnick was chosen to sit in the hot seat and Man United began to show signs of improvement.

Although the team has not been able to completely change the way the team plays, the German coach has helped the students regain the necessary confidence. Ending 2021 with 6th place and 19 points behind the leader Manchester City is definitely something that no Red Devils fan wants. There will certainly be new reforms in 2022 from new coach Ralf Rangnick and maybe a title at the end of the season will be an affirmation for the new empire at Old Trafford.

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