Gucci and 8 handbag models that challenge the trends of the times

Gucci and 8 handbag models that challenge the trends of the times

Starting in Florence in 1921 as a small leather goods store, the Gucci family gradually built its own empire of the Italian “giant” with acumen and vision ahead of its time. Even though the name Gucci has occupied a large area on the fashion map, the successive designers of the brand still constantly explore, experiment and improvise with their artistic minds to come up with new designs. new creations as well as the revival of old symbols at the intersection of past and future.

Gucci and 8 handbag models that challenge the trends of the times

Faced with the scarcity of leather fabrics in the post-war era, Gucci’s artisans developed the technique of heating and bending bamboo stalks imported from Japan to create sturdy and sturdy handles. In 1947, the first bamboo bag was introduced with the shape of a saddle. Taking up to 13 hours to complete by hand, resulting in each and every handle being unique, this tiny pig-skin bag quickly ignited the desire for possessions of wealthy and wealthy guests. famous celebrities like Ingrid Bergman or Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1958, Gucci released a “genderless” shoulder bag with a crescent-shaped opening called the Fifties Constance. This is said to be one of the first fashionable hobo bags in history inspired by the backpacks of street wanderers. In its own adventure, Gucci picks up piston buttons that fall from the top of the machine to create a unique and disruptive buckle detail.

In 1964, Jackie Kennedy walked into a Gucci store, she was so “infatuated” with this design that she bought 6 Fifties Constances at the same time . When the former First Lady of the United States repeatedly appeared in public with her new handbag model, the fashion house decided to change the name of the bag to Jackie . to honor the fashion icon.

Born in 1991, the tote bag with lacquered bamboo handle has accompanied Princess Diana and reflects her fashion spirit after her separation from the Royal family, elegantly free. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the fashion house as well as the 60th birthday of Lady Di, Gucci decided to “reincarnate” this iconic bag with high -quality and trendy leather . The 2021 Gucci Diana version also adds a neon leather belt wrapped around the handle to keep the bamboo strap in shape over time.

Inspired by Greek mythology, Dionysus tells the story of how the god of agriculture, wine and pleasure transformed into a tiger to carry a fairy across the Tigris River. When presented in the Fall-Winter 2015 collection, also the first women’s collection by Alessandro Michele , Dionysus marked the beginning of a new glorious Gucci dynasty that anyone wanted to touch.

Contrary to the angular lines and the horseshoe buckle engraved with the tiger’s head full of personality, Michele has never stopped painting this bag with vibrant colors and natural motifs such as prolonging the ecstasy of any kind. in the land of Dionysus.

Gucci artisans created the first Sylvie bag at an important historical milestone – the time when astronauts first set foot on the moon in 1969. That is why this line of bags is unique. Gold key chain – meaning connection. Through the years, glossy leather and a sturdy boxy shape still lend contemporary appeal to military- inspired design . When revived by Alessandro Michele in 2016 with more eye-catching colors, Sylvie continued her journey to bring classic breath to explore the future.

First appearing on the 2016 Fall-Winter Ready-to-Wear runway, GG Marmont contains flashy memories of Hollywood in the golden age of cinema with the name borrowed from the Chateau Marmont hotel – paradise. of movie stars in Los Angeles. Refurbished the GG lock face from the 70s with sharp angled lines, Alessandro likened this update to “drawing” the Mona Lisa – “elegant but noble”. Gucci’s craftsmanship is also reflected in the soft and delicate quilted leather fabric with luxurious chevron matelassé veins. Alessandro also added a playful twist to GG Marmont with a heart shape on the back of each bag.

Launched in the Cruise 2018 collection, Ophidia is reminiscent of the glorious 70s era of the fashion house, when GG Canvas motifs and blue-red stripes reigned on the supreme throne of the fashion realm. Italian luxury. Not many other color versions but fitting the standard of sophistication, the Ophidia is absolutely a bag that preserves the core quintessence of Gucci. Alessandro brings this design to customers who want to be immersed in the nostalgia, simple but never boring.

Carrying the fashion house’s pride with the iconic horse’s jaw, the Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag is a reinvention of archival designs from more than six decades ago. On the Cruise 2020 catwalk , Alessandro Michele connected the heritage from the racecourses with the spirit of the new era to create the 1955 Horsebit in the shape of a wartime messenger bag. With rounded lines inspired by Neoclassical school, this IT-bag immediately fascinates fans with its eye-catching but not too flashy appearance, like the ego of Alessandro – “the eccentric guy” love the antiquity”.

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