Minimalism and the rule of thirds the fashionable weapon of finnish prime minister sanna marin

Minimalism and the rule of thirds the fashionable weapon of finnish prime minister sanna marin

Not the proper suit, nor the gorgeous, powerful dress, the fashion style of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin became the most searched keyword on social networks thanks to the elegant accents from minimalism. and the “rule of thirds” is not inferior to top fashionistas.

Minimalism and the rule of thirds the fashionable weapon of finnish prime minister sanna marin

Sanna Marin is nicknamed “the female politician of the Instagram generation” by domestic and foreign media. Not only because she was appointed at a very young age, but also because of her “huge” profile on social networks. In it, the female prime minister talked about innovations in the transport system

(before being elected, she held the position of Minister of Transport and Communications) as well as the equal marriage law (Marin is the adopted child of a gay couple). femininity). In terms of fashion style, similar to international politicians, she uses the language of fashion to send political messages and inspire the modern generation of women.

Sanna Marin was born in Helsinki and studied in Tampere, where she lives with her daughter Emma and husband Markus Raikkonen. Perhaps that is why the public is not surprised to find that the female prime minister loves the things that Finns usually do in daily life, especially the way to choose a minimalist outfit.

neat cut lines, simple but flexible. In particular, her fashion sense is to say “no” to the latest trends and “no” to buy too many clothes to avoid waste. To explain this, historians argue that in places where insulated homes are needed, clothing keeps them warm from the cold, durability and quality of amenities are far more important than fashion and outer charm.

Not only stopping there, the Finnish prime minister’s dress style is also deeply influenced by the nature of his work. Accordingly, she has to attend many important political events and conferences, so it requires compliance with the strict dress code of politicians.

Most importantly, moving a lot due to a dense work schedule makes choosing the right outfit for the situation while ensuring the flexibility to not be duplicated, one color becomes the top priority. Therefore, minimalism is all that Sanna Marin needs for the life of a politician as well as a “female general” of the family.

In addition to formal suits or long dresses, Sanna Marin also shows a simple and youthful side in outfit combinations with spacious shapes. From stylish shirts and biker jackets to comfortable casualwear, all are scaled right from the mix-&-match step to complete the overall look. In particular, the female prime minister often mixes clothes according to the “rule of thirds” of never making a mistake.

Haute Couture village monument Coco Chanel once said: “ Fashion is an architectural art, the problem lies in proportions.“. While the 1/1 ratio is too boring, the 1/3 or 2/3 ratio is the most aesthetic division and is considered the “Golden Ratio” in the art industry. In terms of fashion, the “rule of thirds” is distributed as follows: 1/3 is the upper half (from the neck to the waist), and the lower half is 2/3 (from the waist to the feet); or vice versa: 1/3 for the top half (from neck to knee), and 2/3 for the bottom half (from knee to foot).

Pay attention to choose the waist as the boundary between the upper and lower body so that when combined with high-waisted pants, the legs look longer. According to that ratio, when “implicitly” demarcating the upper and lower half boundaries, the female prime minister only needs to trim the lapel of her pants and put on an outer jacket to conquer all eyes.

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