New report shows EA revenue up nearly 30%

New report shows EA revenue up nearly 30%

They always emphasize the football game that makes the FIFA brand – the product that has brought in huge amounts of money for this sports game company. Financial reports show that EA’s earnings are approximately $1.83 billion, up 29% year-on-year. Total game sales of $617 million more than doubled from the same period last year.

New report shows EA revenue up nearly 30%

EA’s online subscription revenue hit US$1.85 billion last quarter, more than tripling year-on-year, and net profit of $294 million also increased 60% year-on-year. 2020.

For the second quarter, EA raised its full-year revenue forecast from $6.85 billion to $6.93 billion, and revised its online subscription net income forecast from $7.4 billion to $7.4 billion. $7.63 billion. According to EA estimates, the company’s annual net profit will reach US$583 million, higher than the previous estimate of US$456 million.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen reaffirmed that it was competitive tactical games like Apex Heroes and soccer game FIFA that drove the company’s revenue growth. FIFA 22 “opens the most optimistic start ever”.

“This was the second-strongest revenue growth in EA’s history, as our flagship series, new games, and streaming service added more players from around the world. world,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

He also said that he is very proud of the efforts of the R&D team to provide a better gaming experience during the holiday season and connect hundreds of millions of players around the world through EA Sports games.

EA predicts that in the fourth quarter, the company’s online subscription revenue will reach $1.75 billion, up 5% year-over-year. However, the company’s profit for the quarter is expected to come in at only about US$5 million, a decrease of US$211 million.

In the past time, EA’s partnership with FIFA has faced many ups and downs and the two sides are still trying to find a common voice on the issue of trademark rights.

EA publicly announced last month that the company was working on the idea of ​​renaming the current FIFA series. In response, FIFA announced that it was looking at finding new partners in the gaming sector and did not want to grant EA exclusive rights. Meanwhile, the licensing contract between EA and FIFA expires in 2022.

Horizon Worlds – How attractive is the virtual reality game developed by Facebook?

During the Connect event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced at the Connect event that the company would change its name from Facebook to Meta. Accordingly, Meta is a reflection of its growing social media empire, with the aim of breaking into the “Metaverse” market. Along with that, the change of the social interaction VR application brand – “Horizon Worlds” is a testament to this giant’s move to encroach into the field of “Metaverse”.

Horizon Worlds is the new name for Facebook Horizon, and the company is removing support for Unity-based worlds, encouraging creators who build with that game engine to seek out the release on the Oculus Store. This past August, Facebook took steps to expand Horizon Worlds beyond social VR when it announced Horizon Workroom , a virtual reality work platform that allows users to organize meetings, access computers and take notes in VR.

Recently, Facebook announced a $10 million Game Creators Fund to incentivize people to build experiences on its Horizon VR platform, called Horizon Worlds. While Horizon Worlds is still in beta, it’s clear that the company wants more content creators for the platform to deliver a more enjoyable user experience.

The Worlds Horizon Creator Fund will be an important part of the next phase of Worlds Horizon . Through the $10 million Creators Fund, advertisers will have access to additional support and resources that they can use to further expand the Horizon Worlds platform . Here’s how the company plans to roll out endowment content:

Sometime this year, Facebook will host a series of individual creator events designed to reward the best maps of the virtual world in Horizon Worlds .

Also, recognizing creators who leverage in-game tools, creators can win cash prizes of up to $10,000.

Through the Horizon Worlds Creator Accelerator Program , creators can learn skills that are important to practice. For example, a session focused on building a more inclusive world. The app-based initiative is designed to give people from different backgrounds a course and a boost in the making of Horizon Worlds .

Facebook recently completed a pilot class of the program, which the company will accept new applications next month as part of the above Program and will roll out sometime in early 2022.

Working alongside many external developers, Facebook has begun experimenting with a large amount of potential content for Horizon Worlds . The company recently conducted a VR game genre competition, in which developers were tasked with creating “easy but hard” VR games for 2-4 players on the subject. cooperative mini-games are easy to recognize but difficult to execute.

How much has the social VR platform evolved since it first launched in 2020. In the early days, creators would build objects and then move them meticulously to get their hands on them. that perfect angle; a tedious and time consuming process. Creators can now simply snap an object to a specific location on the map, dramatically reducing map creation time in the game, just one of many improvements Facebook has made since when the beta version is released.

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