Olympic 2022 The downhill skier was ‘blocked the way’ by BTC staff to the finish line

Olympic 2022 The downhill skier was 'blocked the way' by BTC staff to the finish line

Recently, a video confirmed to be competing in the downhill skiing event at the Beijing Olympics is being shared at breakneck speed because of the BTC staff’s silly actions.

Olympic 2022 The downhill skier was ‘blocked the way’ by BTC staff to the finish line

Recently, a female downhill skiing athlete – Bulgaria has made a statement in front of the media that the Beijing Olympic organizers are not professional. Because even her downhill skiing competition was seriously affected due to the mistake of the BTC staff when he rushed straight to the field.

A key had been left on one of the gates, and the officer in charge had slid onto the field from the side into the middle of Vukadinova’s run, seemingly intending to remove it.

Fortunately, the female athlete was able to avoid it in time, otherwise she might fall on the snow with serious injuries. “I still can’t believe what happened today. I’m really disappointed and can’t believe this is happening at a high-level sporting event like the Olympics.” Vukadinova shared.

It is known that the BTC has facilitated her to retest her content. However, this could not calm Eva Vukadinova’s anger, but made her even more resentful. Vukadinova said that the second time it was different from the first, it affected her spirit.

“Despite that ‘I ran again’, we all know it’s not the same. Not when you have to ski down the booster seat, go up, go down start (with my skiing) and started almost immediately.

Sure, I may not be the top level skier or fighting for the podium, but I’ve worked hard to get here. At least I don’t deserve the same chance as everyone else?

I’m sad, really sad but also very happy and proud of myself that I fought to the end. I will also never put a smile on my face, because nothing can let me down. I’m just glad I didn’t break my leg on that gate.”

On the first day, Cao Viet chose to play quite cautiously, when he started he jumped up to take the 15th position and then took the initiative to play calmly, surveying his opponent. This tactic initially proved quite suitable when he was in the top 10 on lap 3 at some point, but other opponents quickly found a way to adjust from lap 5 to push “Crazy Guy” down to No. 12. Since then, Cao Viet together with Setiawan (Indonesia) and Patchaeetron (Thailand) have created an uncompromising battle for 12th place.

Surely speed fans still remember the 6th stage of ARRC 2018 taking place in Thailand, in this stage, “Crazy Guy” was “taught” by Ratokure (Indonesia) and Izam Ikmal (Malaysia) to a Tactical lesson at the last turn of 12 at Chang International racecourse. The Bend racetrack has the last turn of 18 which is quite similar to that of Chang International’s 12 with a sharp right turn and preceded by a long straight line and a wide turn.

“Crazy guy” handled this part similar to what he was “taught” in Thailand in 2018: in the last lap (lap 9) on turn 17, he took the initiative to let Pachaeetron and Setiawan get ahead. then to the straight line “Crazy Guy” rushed up to run between these two riders but stuck to the right edge, to turn 18 “Crazy Guy” entered the corner later and narrower because he had followed the right edge before

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