Recreate your favorite movies with a black fashion mix – black on black

Recreate your favorite movies with a black fashion mix – black on black

The simple secret to being “cool” always starts with the ultimate black. With unlimited improvisation, black gives you the opportunity to transform into any style, including a fashion school full of “twists” from the cinema. Halloween will no longer be the only occasion to transform into someone when you know how to selectively and skillfully incorporate climactic elements into the daily mix. And if you are too bored with the loop of minimalism, now is the time to “write” the look with inspiration from the following six hit movies.

Recreate your favorite movies with a black fashion mix – black on black

Choosing to set the scene in 1970s London, Cruella allows audiences in general and fans in particular to admire the thorny aspects of the peak of Punk culture. Before becoming a fur queen, Emma Stone’s Cruella built herself a style of maximalism that mixed elements of regal, motorcycle and classical musical.

The outstanding details bearing the rebellious mark of the “evil woman” include the leather material, monochrome textures and full-fledged “extra” construction with sharp cuts and sophisticated shoulder padding. To bring Cruella to life, you should brace yourself for a black “riot” with “unusual” shirts in length, silk scarves “styling” techniques, and the throbbing beats of High heel leather boots.

In addition to the funny stories revolving around the life of an American girl in the capital of light, one of the factors that makes Emily in Paris a phenomenon is the style that combines elegant, classic and Parisian qualities. Fresh, vibrant American spirit. Although famous for a wardrobe full of colors, subtle black points still appear in her series of designs with a more ” chic ” look.

The urban breath stands out like bright spots in Emily’s “black sky”. In addition to the suit models with short skirts or shorts, what is important to help you immerse yourself in France are iconic accessories such as beret hats or silk scarves. Don’t forget Emily is also a “crazy fan” of bucket hats and boxy bags.

Dynasty is a story revolving around a rich family’s plots to compete for wealth and dominate power. Fashion is like a mirror reflecting the social geography of each character. Not only gorgeous at lavish parties but even in daily meals, you also need to be more decent and “dressed up” than usual. Shades of splendor and a feminist manifesto were the ’80s theme .

If Dynasty wallet is a fashion table, then sequins and shoulder designs will be the main dishes. Regardless of whether it’s an evening dress or an oversize blazer, all are “lifted up” by a shoulder that confirms their position. Slim-fit dresses with deep necklines are the first choice of ladies to turn every street into a catwalk. Of course, you can’t forget to show off your money with a diamond necklace or layers of pearls.

More than a decade has passed, the fashion of “warm boys and girls” in Gossip Girl is still a classic “model book” in the hearts of fashionistas. Highteen style shows up stylishly and “chic” on every outfit of the school “queen”. The mixes are always the best with rhythmic details that bring a sense of confidence, elegance mixed with a bit of rebelliousness.

The checkered skirt and shirt are two iconic items of the school uniform. Endless layers combined with accessories and pairs with thighs or high-knee boots are an indispensable first step to building a highteen mix. Instead of backpacks like many other students, rich ladies come to school with trendy and liberal medium-sized leather handbags.

To pick one of the most iconic movies of 60s fashion trends, The Queen’s Gambit would be the perfect idea. With signature details such as A-line skirts , Peter Pan collars, and checkered designs, the character played by Anya Taylor-Joy creates a very elegant and trendy “checkerboard style” inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick.

Instead of color, Beth Harnon’s fashion world consists of subtle and very “twist” designs with details reminiscent of chess such as checkered lines, black and white color schemes and turtleneck tops. monochrome. All these expensive elements mean that her mix doesn’t need layers, but sometimes gives extra space for accessories like silk scarves or gloves to create a distinct charm.

In addition to issues related to young people and gender, Sex Education also takes fans back to the 80s and 90s with the dynamic fashion style of British teenagers. As a smart character with a rich business ability, Maeve Willey not only “scores” with the audience thanks to her strong personality but also her innovative fashion sense.

It is not difficult to realize that, Maeve Willey has chosen leather designs to highlight her sharp and fierce “bad girl” image. The gritty grunge is a key element that shows the rebellious sides of the character. Don’t forget black boots or chunky metal accessories that are the soul of trendy fashion.

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