Robert Lewandowski And Lionel Messi Who is the better player in 2021?

Robert Lewandowski And Lionel Messi Who is the better player in 2021?

Lionel Messi has surpassed the Polish player to win the Golden Ball title in 2021. However, there have been many conflicting opinions surrounding the issue of who is the better player between these two monster names. . So let’s take a look at some of the parameters of these two players in 2021.

Robert Lewandowski And Lionel Messi Who is the better player in 2021?

Although he missed out on the Ballon d’Or title, Robert Lewandowski proved second to none in the number of goals scored last season. The Polish striker broke the scoring record of Bomber King Gerd Muller when he finished with 41 goals in a season. It is known that this record has been established by the German legend since 1972 and it is not until 2021 that Lewan is the first to set a new milestone in the Bundesliga .

In the 2019/2020 season, the Bayern Munich striker also became the first non-German player to score 34 goals in a season. It can be seen that Robert Lewandowski is increasingly evolving and showing himself as the most comprehensive striker in the world today.

As for the Argentinian striker, he scored 30 goals in 36 La Liga games last season. This achievement helps Messi become the top scorer of Spain’s number one tournament. Despite having to play in the role of regulation and hold the ball, but Messi has always given the ability to score an exemplary goal with a magical left foot.

If calculating the total number of goals in a calendar year, the Polish striker is the superior player with 61 goals in 51 matches (1.19 goals per game). This number of Messi is 41 goals after 56 matches (performance of 0.7 goals/match).

The range of activities and the way these two players score goals are completely different. The player wearing the number 9 shirt is a classic striker when he is always active in the penalty area and takes advantage of opportunities very quickly when the opponent makes a mistake. Messi’s range of activities is wider when this superstar often plays outside the box with breakthrough situations from the right wing.

The Polish striker is also slightly better than his colleague in scoring with 5 successes. This is also understandable when Lewan owns a height of up to 1m85. He is also the one who performed more successful Pen kicks with 10 times, while that number of Messi only stopped at 3 times.

Surely the Argentine superstar will be the superior one because he often plays deep and kicks the ball for his teammates. Messi has 17 assists in a calendar year, while Lewan’s figure is only 10. In the tactical scheme of the Bayern Munich club, the Polish striker is always minimized the work of creating assists and only focuses on scoring. Speaking of which, Lewan’s 10 assists is also a commendable achievement for a classic striker.

Striker Lewandowski ended last season with a 9th consecutive Bundesliga title with the Gray Lobster. Superstar Messi was not so lucky when he missed the La Liga trophy in the final matches. But the Argentine superstar also managed to win the last domestic cup title in the color of the Barcelona club.

The Polish striker also won a gold medal when Bayern defeated rivals Dortmund in the German Super Cup match. But the medal that Messi won with the Argentina team is much more valuable. Although the title is full at the club level, The Goat still has not had a relationship with the national team. However, the curse within a decade was broken when Albiceleste just won the Copa America trophy this past summer.

Messi is the hero in Argentina’s coronation journey with four goals from the beginning of the tournament. He was also voted the best player and at the same time the top scorer of the biggest tournament in South America. In 2021, Messi has scored a total of 9 goals in 16 appearances with the national team. This figure of Lewan is 11 goals in 12 official international matches.

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