Something information about christmas movie

Something information about christmas movie

You should know that there are no protected topics or memories in cable Christmas movies, much as I now fear that, having strip-mined the birth of Christ, the cable networks are now working on an infinite deluge of movies themed around the time of year celebrating the end of Jesus’ life on Earth. Sure, we’ve talked about breaking a number of commandments and regulations, as well as some cherished television memories. But I’m talking about this on a meta level. Even Christmas isn’t sacrosanct in cable Christmas movies.

Something information about christmas movie

For instance, this is a synopsis of a genuine film that I sat and watched with family. Santa is getting old and doddery (not Wendt Santa, booo). He is the father of two daughters. One is heinous, wears corsets, and despises Christmas. She even has an eeeevil elf henchman, and together they try to persuade Santa to bequeath the North Pole to Corset Daughter so she may AUCTION IT OFF AND BUILD A CASINO. In the 1980s, it was not the synopsis of a Rainbow Brite Christmas half-hour show aimed at selling toys. That was the synopsis of a recent feature-length film aimed for adults. It also has a sequel. Is that the conclusion? When I tried to perform some fact-checking, my skull blew up. If you Google “santa daughter movies,” you’ll find that this is also a genre, albeit a horror one. I’m sorry for being so grumpy. I don’t mean to suggest that you watch some of this stuff because you despise it.

The incredible thing about these films is that they have compelled me to be very pro-Christmas. That’s in the goodwill-to-all, god-bless-us-all type of way. I’ve seen Christmas put on stories that aren’t even really Christmas-y. I’ve seen how one network produces 12 of these per year and now has such a large back catalogue that they’ve been airing them since Thanksgiving. I’ve seen a lot of these movies multiple times thanks to the DVRs we wish we hadn’t given as gifts to some of these relatives. Nothing quite like watching cable networks swing, miss, then swing 11 more times at all the things Christmas isn’t about to make you realise what’s important about the holidays. However, try watching one. It will teach you to value your family. I adore mine, to say the least. One of my greatest yuletide memories will be finding the Christmas-ness of handcuffs while drinking a hot cup of cider with a dog attempting to drink it. Best wishes for the holidays. My New Year’s wish for all of you is that you find love, magic, and that you be cleared of all accusations.

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