The game A Quiet Place was announced by the publisher World War Z

The game A Quiet Place was announced by the publisher World War Z

World War Z developer Saber Interactive, has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to release the game A Quiet Place, developed by iLLOGIKA. Directed by John Krasinski, the original A Quiet Place took the world by storm in 2018 with a tense horror story. Paramount Pictures subsequently released a sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, and a third part is in the works.

The game A Quiet Place was announced by the publisher World War Z

Saber Interactive and their partners seem like the perfect home for such an experience. The Embracer Group-owned company brought the undead world of World War Z to life in the 2019 release of the game of the same name, Saber Interactive has now set its sights on another line of horror games, although this time the team will not lead their development side.

Yesterday, Saber Interactive announced a game adaptation of A Quiet Place published by Paramount Pictures. Saber will publish the project alongside EP1T0ME; Meanwhile, development responsibility rests with Montréal-based studio iLLOGIKA, a team that features talent from Rainbow Six and Far Cry veterans.

The studio plans to build the gameplay experience around A Quiet Place’s “entrancing suspense, emotion and drama”, although the story told will be completely original. Better still, a press release announcing the news confirms the project’s status as “a single-player, story-driven horror adventure”. The companies have yet to specify the platform and the details regarding the release date, although more information should emerge later this year.

Embracer Corporation acquired Saber Interactive in February 2020 and allows the developer of World War Z to maintain its autonomy on all fronts. As such, Saber is considered one of Embracer’s many issuers. A Quiet Place, whenever the title hits stores, will mark the first project developed outside of the aforementioned studio.

Intel becomes the official partner of the game ‘PUBG martial arts’ Naraka Bladepoint

This partnership marks the Core i7 processor as the officially recommended configuration for the role-playing game “PUBG martial arts” Eternal Life. This brings optimization to the game, giving players a better quality experience.

“We are delighted to see more and more high-quality games like Naraka Bladepoint, capturing the interest of players around the world,” said Intel Chief Marketing Officer.

Demand is growing and PC is the platform that can provide gamers with the best experience now and in the future. Intel as the driving force behind PC gaming innovation will work with game developers more effectively.”

He also affirmed that Intel’s use of Core i7 as a recommendation with the game Naraka Bladepoint is a breakthrough to orient players to have the smoothest, most realistic experience.

Meanwhile, NetEase Games Senior Marketing Manager, said: “Naraka Bladepoint is a highly competitive, multiplayer action game. In the game, gamers are completely free, without any restraint.

At the same time, the game enhances the user’s combat ability. Throughout the project, we maintained close cooperation with Intel’s engineering department. Intel’s excellent team of engineers has greatly helped optimize game performance.”

It is the beautiful lifelike scenes and martial arts skills in the game Naraka Bladepoint that make players extremely excited. This also confirms that all optimization efforts of Intel and NetEase 24 Entertainment Studio have achieved encouraging results when releasing the “top” game that is well-received by gamers.

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