The gay star “stepped into the light” the NFL village stirred up

The gay star "stepped into the light" the NFL village stirred up

Carl Nassib, 28, suddenly posted a post on social media that revealed his “true gender”. It is worth mentioning that the star of the Las Vegas Raiders team of the American football league (NFL) was the first player to “step into the light” in this tournament.

The gay star “stepped into the light” the NFL village stirred up

That made the NFL village stir . Even so, Carl Nassib still received the support of his colleagues.

Carl Nassib admits he is a “secretive person”. However, he still decided to come out with his true sexuality, even if it could ruin his career.

Speaking on Comeback Stories , Carl Nassib said: “Sometimes I think about it. There were many times when I wanted to step into the light but couldn’t.

I don’t know how people will react. Only when I was financially stable did I dare to go public. I don’t know if this ruined my career. I also don’t know if people will accept me.”

Carl Nassib admits that he discovered he is a third gender four years ago. However, he had to live in the dark, to continue his rugby career.

Finally, when the financial situation was settled (because he was likely unable to continue competing), this athlete dared to go public.

“When I decided to speak out, it wasn’t easy. I really still want to keep it a secret. However, I think I have a responsibility to the community, to the many people out there who are fighting for their gender. I can help them sleep better every night” – Carl Nassib shared.

The terrible robbery happened at 3am, early morning on August 16 at Toutai Kefu’s private home on Buena Vista Avenue, Brisbane, Australia. While falling asleep, the Kefu family was awakened by strange noises inside the house.

The 47-year-old legend immediately went to check and encountered 3 strangers trying to steal valuables. The fight broke out immediately. While fighting with his family members against a group of robbers, Kefu was stabbed in the stomach.

The former Australian rugby player was then taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital with serious injuries and had to undergo surgery to fight for his life. While the remaining 3 members of the family also suffered different injuries and were hospitalized.

Kefu’s wife suffered a severe injury to her arm. The son suffered a laceration in his back, while the daughter also suffered a hand injury. However, according to 7News, the health of all 3 is stable and not life-threatening.

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