The good things of the captain of Thailand Alexander Polking

The good things of the captain of Thailand Alexander Polking

Thailand defeated Vietnam with a total score of 2-0 after 2 matches, thereby bringing the Thais into the final of the AFF Cup 2020 . Referring to this feat, it is impossible not to mention the use of people and tactics of coach Alexander Polking.

The good things of the captain of Thailand Alexander Polking

After 2 matches, the Vietnamese team still could not make the Thai net vibrate once . In the first leg, Quang Hai had 2 shots to hit the crossbar and it can be said that this is the best thing that Vietnam has done against the Elephants. However, the referee also did not make a small contribution to helping Thailand keep a clean sheet in that match with wrong decisions such as skipping 2 penalties, 2 red cards of your team.

Agree, the first leg is something very unfortunate for Vietnam Tel . The first goal came from Hong Duy’s personal error, and in the second goal, Thailand showed the true strength of their stars when they had a good central coordination before Chanathip Songkrasin defeated. Nguyen Manh.

Having the advantage of 2 goals in the first leg, coach Alexander Polking’s teachers and students came out with a very comfortable mentality and decided to play with a 3-4-3 formation to crush the defending champion with a theoretical score. dress. However, in the first round, the Vietnamese team entered the game very well and continuously pre-empted the opponent with many attack options, especially strongly exploiting the so-called half-space positions. between the center and the left or right wing).

Obviously, the hit of teacher Park Hang Seo has worked well with the remarkable situations of Hong Duy and Quang Hai, but the scoring charm did not come to the Vietnamese team. There was a bit of bad luck here, but it must be admitted that the Thai defense played very well, very disciplined. This is something that has not been seen in the War Elephants for a long time until Coach Polking appeared.

In the second half of the second match, Polking’s practicality was even more evident. By noticing that the Vietnamese team’s attacks often focused on sensitive positions, the Brazilian leader changed the tactical formation from 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 to fill the gap. gaps. At the same time, when another player up to 1m96 tall, Yusef Elias Dolah , entered the field, Vietnam’s cross-line passes were considered empty.

Not stopping there, those watching the match can also clearly see the cheating behavior of Thai players whenever they have the opportunity, this is also a trick to help them shred the game and make Vietnam difficulty in deploying the ball. No matter who cursed, they cursed, but Polking and the players still played like that, accepting to go back deep and eat in order to preserve the results.

This is also the reason why in the first half, the Vietnamese players played aggressively, fiercely and created many dangerous situations, but in the second half, they played inefficiently, sporadically and could not create. out the fierce waves in front of Thailand’s goal. The Thais played well, and they deserved the ticket to go on.

Then, Sean Longstaff headed back for Callum Wilson and Varane trailed forward to claim the ball. Everything could basically be solved neatly if the French midfielder did not lose the ball. However, here, with Varane himself being placed in a 1v2 position, Sean Longstaff may not have had the opportunity to join Callum Wilson in creating this pincer position if Fred, McTominay or even before that was Harry Maguire be more assertive in their choice of handling the situation. The ball was Varane’s direct mistake, but it was a sequence of processes.

In addition, the pieces of the attacking organization of Man Utd are still not clearly shaped. Having only taken over the team for a few weeks, plus the effects of the epidemic, it will take more time for Ralf Rangnick to turn the models into clear lines. Besides, focusing on high pressing situations seems to be a priority in the early stages of the Reds.

However, in the current 4-2-2-2 structure of Man Utd, the stage of deploying the ball from their bottom line has been shaped. The ball from the central defenders will be circulated upwards through cross-court passes. With that said, the pair of full-backs who always rise to the side becomes the destination for these cross-court situations, when the central area is always cramped, partly because of the narrow range that the 4-2- 2-2 generated.

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