This Year’s Artificial Christmas Trees: Here’s What You Should Know

This Year's Artificial Christmas Trees: Here's What You Should Know

The Halloween season is here, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning for the holidays in December. This is especially true if you intend to purchase an artificial Christmas tree this season. “The Christmas tree sector, like most other Christmas-related items, is confronting challenges, mostly supply chain issues,” says Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association.

This Year’s Artificial Christmas Trees: Here’s What You Should Know

The Artificial Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) is a non-profit organisation and trade association that represents those involved in the artificial Christmas tree industry. During the present global supply chain crisis, they, like many other trade associations, are seeing substantial delays and shortages among their members. What is going on in the supply chain? If you haven’t been following the story, here’s a quick recap: Because the flow of commodities has outstripped unloading capacity, U.S. ports are clogged and overloaded. As a result, a record number of cargo ships are stranded in port, adding to the backlog. Within the United States, delivery drivers are similarly overworked and experiencing their own issues. As a result, inventory is scarce, and delivery delays are common. “This holiday season, Christmas trees, gadgets, toys, appliances, laptops, and automobiles are all experiencing tremendous supply chain challenges,” Warner added. “We’re all in the same boat,” says the narrator. Our members have had to rush for product and pay significantly higher prices as a result. Costs of shipping containers have soared by more than 300 percent in some circumstances since last year.”

People were keen to generate a sense of happiness and merriment at home despite the loneliness and misery of the epidemic, he said, thus demand for all kinds of Christmas trees was particularly strong in 2020. There is still a lot of demand this year, but artificial tree vendors are having a hard time keeping up. The supply chain interruptions, along with the limited sales window for Christmas trees, have created a logistical nightmare for his sector, according to an operations executive at the California-based artificial tree retailer Balsam Hill, who told Quartz earlier this month. “It’s a never-ending battle,” he said, adding that he’s “fighting for space” on cargo ships and watching delivery predictions creep closer to Christmas. Many people prefer artificial Christmas trees to genuine ones because they don’t lose needles, don’t need to be watered or maintained, and aren’t susceptible to bug infestations. There are also a variety of pre-lit alternatives and entertaining colour combinations to choose from.

Fake trees, on the other hand, are perhaps not the best choice for the environment. The vast majority come from China, and they’re frequently made of non-recyclable plastic that has been linked to negative health and environmental repercussions. Even yet, if you buy an artificial tree made in the United States with less hazardous ingredients and reuse it year after year, you can make it a more eco-friendly decision. Look for a “Made in USA” label or a statement in the product description on the website. Due to current supply chain issues, some consumers who planned to go artificial this year may have little alternative but to buy a genuine tree from a lot or farm. Warner, on the other hand, is cautiously bullish about the fake tree market, at least for those with foresight. “While we expect people will be able to find a Christmas tree this season,” Warner advised, “we recommend that they buy early.” So, if you like imitation firs (and you celebrate the holidays), now is the time to consider your alternatives and choose your holiday centrepiece. “Consumers should anticipate safely meeting with their families around their favourite Christmas tree,” Warner added. “And there are so many beautiful, fascinating options available, ranging from traditional to edgy.” There is a Christmas tree for everyone out there.”

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