Trends of intersection between technology and fashion in the new decade

The line between fashion and technology can be blurred because the core of these two fields is based on ideas and keeping them innovating.

Trends of intersection between technology and fashion in the new decade

Aesthetic lifestyle “Aesthetic” is gradually becoming popular with gen Z. First appearing in the 18th century, Aesthetic was originally simply a concept used by the German philosopher Alexander Baumgarten to describe aesthetic taste. of each person.

In recent years, having one’s own Aesthetic has become a movement in young people’s personal branding. Aesthetic itself also encompasses many different styles, reflected in the choice of furniture, fashion, way of working, even in each person’s mobile phone.

When smartphones become so popular in life today, the intersection between technology and aesthetics of beauty is even more obvious. Once-in-a-lifetime communication tools have gradually become inseparable, associated with an individual’s image more than any fashion accessory. In fact, smartphones also reflect an individual’s personality, style, and aesthetic taste, just as fashion shows a person.

In the general development, smartphones are indispensable devices for young people to create content, from fashion KOLs to technology enthusiasts. When the old standards are no longer attractive enough for Gen Z, the race to innovate technology enters the innovation phase. Product or technology design styles are a very common element that gets updated in the content produced. In addition, this is also an important factor in the purchasing decision of the younger generation of consumers, who do not hesitate to show their love for freedom and beauty.

A study on shopping behavior by Sciencedaily indicates that the external appearance of a smartphone is an important factor in users’ decision to choose a smartphone. “The more attractive a phone’s design is, the more it attracts consumers. This clearly affects their purchasing decision. After analyzing the collected data, experts point out that technical and functional characteristics are the next factors influencing smartphone purchase,” writes Sciencedaily.

In the technology market, Xiaomi is one of the leading names in promoting the application of fashion into product design. In fact, this strategy has had a positive effect in the past with the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. The product emerged as a fever in the hearts of the fashion and creative community, appearing in many special fashion photos of famous faces such as Hoang Thuy, Hoang Yen Chibi, Han Sara, Phi Phuong Anh. and MLee.

The device impresses users with its modern design. Up to now, this is Xiaomi’s thinnest and lightest 5G smartphone. The thin border on both the top and the side of the device makes the device more elegant.

The device has 4 color options: Snow White, Sweet Candy Green, Peach Pink and Pearl Black, making a certain difference in the high-end segment. The product increases in fashion when Xiaomi and the famous brand Swarovski have a joint handshake, creating a special Snow White version with a design inlaid with hundreds of diamonds on the glass back.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE not only stands out in the segment thanks to its high-end appearance, but also because of Xiaomi’s measured ingenuity in integrating modern technologies into a smartphone with an affordable price.

The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE’s Snapdragon 778G chipset is capable of making the most of 5G connectivity in everyday experience. For users who often have to upload HD content online, stream high-profile games or make quality video calls, this will be a significant advantage when the worry of lag will be minimized.

In general, with Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is Xiaomi’s way of realizing its ambition to make its own mark in the high-end segment. Still modern features that allow young people to unleash their creativity, diverse utilities to meet all experience needs, but all on a device with a good price.

Competing on price is not Xiaomi’s core strategy. In fact, its phones are priced better than many other names, but not the lowest in the market. In addition, selling a product that costs close to the producer price is not a long-term and sustainable strategy.

However, by launching many good quality products at reasonable prices, the company has gained its own foothold in the long run. Its flagship products have only mid-range prices, but they are full of powerful features, good build quality, high-quality screens and reasonable batteries, helping Xiaomi compete directly with other devices. belongs to the premium segment of other brands in the mobile industry.

It can be seen that Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is just the first step for Xiaomi’s aesthetic projects. It is likely that users will see a “fashion brand” Xiaomi in the smartphone industry in the near future, approaching customers through devices that reflect their personality, taste, and make a unique brand. for each individual.

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