What comes to mind when we think of women?

When asked “What do you think when you think of women?”, each person, with their own experiences, will have different answers. When asked “What do you think of when you think about women?”, each person, by their lifetime experiences with the women closest to them, adopts a worldview that is already influenced by interests separate academics, have different answers.

What comes to mind when we think of women?

Psychology students immediately think that “women are more susceptible to mental diseases, due to their physical condition, physiological structure, hormones and pressures from outside society”. Artists quickly associate the archetypal muse in painting, music, and cinema. People who have just lost love laugh bitterly “women are pain”.

Some people think of women with all affection: gentle and timid like the bell peach flowers on Yen Tu peak, gentle like raindrops on the grass. Some people liken them to forever green leaves, close and familiar. In the mind of each person, women have thousands of faces and countless shapes. However, have we ever sat down and seriously thought: Who are women really? What are they really?

Are women just humans with two XX chromosomes, with a special body structure tied to fertility? Are they just “half the world,” representing beauty and weakness? No. Defining woman is never easy. Understanding women is even more difficult. Unlike men, women have a separate history besides human history, with their own socio-cultural roles, their own struggles and achievements in areas that no one else has. can be done.

Women are a wonderful and unique creation. They are a living being, having feelings, desires, and thoughts. They are equal to men in terms of dignity but are extremely different from men in terms of physiological and psychological structure. The female body is a sculptural masterpiece of nature, it carries its own artistic rhythm, sacred and emotional.

But the real attraction of women comes from intellectual beauty, self-control and a bit of mystery (although sometimes that mystery is drawn by men). The soul of a woman is always an impregnable domain, the most elusive thing, to the point that men (and women ) have to accept that: “women are for love, not for understanding”.

Women are love. While men act based on reason and logical analysis, women often choose to listen to their hearts more. That’s why they sometimes act emotionally. It’s not because they don’t see the truth in front of them, it’s just that they choose to love and tolerate the world, because altruism and the ability to empathize are virtues given to them by nature. Many women don’t want the limelight or don’t like competition. They like to cooperate and work together. That’s why when women unite, they create value at a community scale.

No one is richer in faith, courage, understanding and sophistication than women, which have permeated cultures since antiquity. Marie Madeleine de France once said: “If it can be rightly said that the heart constitutes the great greatness of a man, it is the same heart that is not the best in a woman, but is “all women” ( La Psychologie Des Filles Pour L’Instruction Des Garcons, 23 ). From body to mind, they are imbued with the fountain of love.

Women’s love is selfless love, somewhat instinctive but persistent over the years, it is not easily faded because of time or space. They love to make themselves whole, complete, to fulfill their own mission. However, because women often give more than they receive, society views the virtue of self-sacrifice as an obvious responsibility of women.

There are very good women, but they still choose to stay behind, as a solid support for their partners to fulfill their ambitions. Véra Slonim, with her sharp mind, artistic sensibility, extraordinary memory and ability to use many languages, has chosen to become her husband’s secretary, translator, representative and lifelong supporter. – the great writer Vladimir Nabokov.

The brilliant director Alfred Hitchcock, at the time he first met his wife Alma Reville in 1921, was merely a designer of “conversation cards” for silent films, while Alma was already well known in London film production circles. . After this, Alma still chose to work as an assistant director, screenwriter, creative partner, spiritual support for her husband and a special influence on the filmmaker’s legacy.

Dostoyevsky’s wife assisted him in completing The Gambler and was the one who came up with the publishing business idea when he was in debt. Washington Roebling’s wife helped her husband oversee the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge during his 11-year illness. And there are many wives, mothers, and lovers behind the great achievements of mankind.

It is no coincidence that most people when thinking about women refer to the word “sacrifice”. But sacrifice is not (and should not be) the lipstick cage that holds women back from their true desires. The sacrifice should only be one of the active choices, a prerogative of their own. As poet Nguyen Phong Viet in his article for ELLE said: “Women have no responsibility to live for something. Unless it’s their own choice.”

Even the most sacred role – life-making – is an individual right of women. They are free to choose whether or not to do so, and should only do so when they are ready, willing, and fully supported. Because, in all cases, a mother can exert an incomparable influence over a person. American scholar Neal A. Maxwell once asked: “When humanity’s true history is fully revealed, will it have the echo of gunfire or the shape of lullabies?

The great armistice of the soldier or the peacekeeping process of the women in the family and village? Is what happens in the crib and the kitchen really more controllable than what happens in the conferences?” ( The Women of God, 10-11 .)). Women create the world in their own way, but the future can be written in a better way if there is sharing and nurturing from men, family and society; so that women can live the way they want and create more noble values. Women do not have to be perfect or compete for roles with men, because the complementarity of women and men inherently creates a wonderful whole.

However, it is always wrong to think of people in general terms. Because man is an individual. In the end, all of the definitions we have about women are just the front of the stage. Let’s look around. Women are the closest people to us, the grandmother, the mother, the sisters, the colleagues and the people we love. They are the great and tender consolation that every person is fortunate to have in life.

We need to wait a day to see the sunset and then lose it in an instant. But the sunset will always return. I continue to fall in love even though I never catch it.

I often silently watch the sunset when my mind is lost in many far and wonderful places and think endlessly about the sorrows of life, then in that moment of deep loneliness, familiar figures pull me back. . I think about my mother. I think about you. Therefore, the sunset, for me, always carries the silhouette of a woman, and vice versa.

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