What handbags does dior launch fall winter 2022?

What handbags does dior launch fall winter 2022?

On the runway for Fall-Winter 2022, Dior has partly revealed new handbag models for the end of this year. Elegant, timeless French style still pervades the designs. But Dior still plugs into the trendy handbag line when combined with the big trends of Fall-Winter 2022. Let’s take a look at Harper’s Bazaar with the designs that will be on the shelves.

What handbags does dior launch fall winter 2022?

The Cannage motif was first applied to the Dior handbag line in 1994, starting with Lady Dior. Since then, it has become an identifying motif of the French fashion house.

Fall-Winter 2022, Dior launches many handbags – not Lady Dior – decorated with this motif. The catwalk revealed several styles of tote bags of various sizes, suitable for the needs of office ladies.

Vibe is Dior’s new handbag line, first launched in Spring Summer 2022. The designs are sporty, based on the shape of the hobo bag .

The Vibe series has two distinct designs. One is a Bowling bag sports bag inspired by the bowling bags of the 1960s. If the first version of this bag line was extremely colorful with many candy colors, then the fall is coming. Winter 2022, Dior updated this line of bags with black and white.

The second design of the Vibe line is a hobo bag with a half-moon shape. Later this year, Dior launched designs overflowing with houndstooth motifs. Houndstooth is a favorite motif in Europe; and also appeared many times in Dior designs.

The Bobby line of handbags is named after the faithful dog of Lord Christian Dior. Therefore, this bag is designed with curves, round, soft and cute.

For the end of the year, this handbag line is dressed in neutral, elegant colors and floral motifs like wallpaper. Thanks to this detail, Bobby’s bag is more romantic and less original fun.

Bobby bags closely follow the nostalgic trend of Fall-Winter 2022, when fashion houses race to launch fashion reminiscent of European aristocracy.

Dior usually does not design fashion or accessories that are too trendy to avoid losing the timeless nature of the product; But don’t let go of the big trends when combined with a little decorative detail.

Besides the Bobby line of bags decorated with antique costumes, Dior also revealed a similar embroidered Book Tote bag. Dior also pairs with royal jewelry models, such as filigree and pearl jewelry.


Anne Hathaway is at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival to promote the film Armageddon Time . This is also the first time the actress has come to the prestigious French film festival. She appeared gorgeous with luxurious outfits, making people think of her royal role in her type of movie Princess Diary . A lot of people joked, “Get out of the way for Queen Genovia!” upon seeing the elegant silhouette of Anne Hathaway.

The keyword “Anne Hathaway at Cannes Film Festival 2022” started appearing in the headlines of fashion magazines when the actress appeared in a sparkling sequin jumpsuit from fashion house Schiaparelli.

The outfit covered with abstract flowers was quite different from Anne Hathaway’s simple everyday style. However, since filming We Crashed until now, the actress has experimented with more colorful and bold outfits.

The outfit that makes everyone think of Anne Hathaway’s role as royalty of Genovia is a column dress from Giorgio Armani. The design is nothing too fancy, only consisting of a bra and high-waisted skirt, and the sequins are also of the light mother-of-pearl type instead of sparkling like a disco ball. However, it is this elegant look that helps Anne Hathaway stand out among a forest of extremely sophisticatedly dressed stars.

In addition, the female star’s elegant stance and “Miss” handshake made everyone remember the scene in the movie Diary of the Princess . “She hasn’t aged in years,” many people commented on Instagram.

Anne Hathaway said, she chose this costume because “most of the actresses wear white when they first come to the Cannes Film Festival. So I made the same decision.”

The expensive highlight of this outfit is the Mediterranean Reverie necklace from Bulgari brand. The design is part of the Bulgari Eden the Garden of Wonders high jewelery collection, encrusted with a 107.15 carat Sri Lankan sapphire.

If Giorgio Armani’s outfit reminds people of the movie The Princess Diaries , Anne Hathaway’s Gucci outfit is more Devil Wears Prada .

The bust has a provocative point, and the skirt is tight like the Mod Style dress that was popular in the 1960s. Paired with bouffant hair and cat-eye glasses, Anne Hathaway “is sure to be complimented by Miranda Priestly. praise”, her fans commented.

It was thought that Anne Hathaway would only wear sequins at the 2022 Cannes film festival. But no. Because the plain pink outfit from Valentino “breaks” the sparkly style established by the three outfits above.

Since the launch of the Fall/Winter 2022 show in pink and black, Valentino’s vibrant fuchsia pink designs have been chosen by top Hollywood stars, such as Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and Nicolas Peltz.

After striking colors, textures and sequins, Anne Hathaway returned to elegant style when choosing a simple beige outfit from Louis Vuitton.

The main reason for Anne Hathaway to be at the 2022 Cannes film festival is because of the film Armageddon Time . This film is on the list of nominees for the most prestigious Palme D’Or award.

The content of Armageddon Time revolves around the discrimination between rich and poor and racial discrimination in American society. This topic has been especially acute in the past two years in the US during the pandemic.

The film revolves around the lives of two children, one from a Jewish family, the other from a black family living and growing up together. Paul Graff, the Jewish kid, was very close to Johnny, the black kid in elementary school. However, when he got to high school, Paul was sent to a private school with a better quality of education, while Johnny attended a worse public school system. Besides, going to private school, Paul also had contact with children of well-off families – Paul had the opportunity to get acquainted with Maryanne Trump, Donald Trump’s sister.

This film is built and adapted based on the real life of director James Gray. Right from its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the film received a 7-minute round of applause from the audience. Anne Hathaway and director James Gray could not hold back tears of happiness at this warm reception.

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