2022 Mbappe’s year?

2022 Mbappe's year?

With what CR7 and Messi are showing in club colors, it is clear that they are indeed at the end of the twilight of their careers. And that’s also when newcomers like Mbappe, Haaland , Vlahovic… started to step on the threshold to assert their No. 1 position. Among them, Mbappe is being talked about the most, although he may not be widely acknowledged as the best.

2022 Mbappe’s year?

When the story of Mbappe asking to leave broke out last summer, an interview that Mbappe and his maids (father and mother) gave to prestigious newspapers like Paris Match made the objective startled. . Few people think that the 23-year-old player has such a sharp and mature look.

What he shared shocked both PSG and Real. Teams that still think that their financial potential as well as their reputation have an irresistible attraction to any player have had to take a step back before the French guy. Since then, they still talk about how much they want him, but neither side dares to say they will have him with certainty from June 2022.

And as 2021 is about to end, Mbappe’s move to live continues to become a hot topic. Just two more days, that is, from January 1, 2022, Mbappe has full freedom to negotiate with any club that makes an offer for him. Simply, when he has not signed a contract extension with PSG, he is considered to have started preparing for his free life within 6 months before the current contract expires.

But at the same time when everything seemed like it would be pushed up again by the media, Mbappe quickly extinguished that small spark with an interview in which he firmly stated, “I certainly don’t go to Real Madrid. January 2022 and will stay at PSG until the end of this season.”

Mbappe’s answer does not imply that he will sign a new contract with PSG or that he is no longer attracted to Real. But in the context of PSG encountering a visit to Real in the Champions LeagueMbappe understands that he needs a professional and coherent message.

He has said frankly that he wants to win the championship with PSG and his immediate goal is to eliminate Real in the Champions League in February and March. What Mbappe said is only his wish, but it can also come true. Hasn’t Real been knocked out of the Champions League by a French team when that team had a person “with a heart for Real” (Morientes) back in 2003/04? This old story, this old scenario is easy to repeat with a new character, in a different position, especially when Real’s opponent is now much stronger than Monaco ten years ago.

“Now is not the time to talk about the future. The only thing I care about right now is beating Real in February and March. It was the most important period of the season. Two years ago we were in the final. Last year we were in the semi-finals. Now, we want to win. I want to give the best for my supporters and I think I deserve it.”, Mbappe shared. And he also talked a lot about what it was like to play next to Messi.

He has absolute respect for his big sunbae, calling it his inspiration and joy every time he is on the training ground and playing field. He did not hesitate to talk about how he had bragged to his friends about how “blessed” he was to play next to Messi. He affirmed that Messi is the number 1. Mbappe’s way of speaking is frank, sincere, and modest, but it shows that the potential in this 23-year-old boy is a very strong internal force of someone who is ready to conquer the number one position. first.

If Mbappe is arrogant, there will be a lot of people against him, but there will still be many people who frankly think that he deserves the right to be arrogant. But Mbappe did not choose this usual expression of a star. He did not assert his authority with his mouth.

He confirmed it with the ball on the pitch: from the way he moved, the way he coordinated, the way he scored, the way he created assists, the way he let Messi take the penalty and even the way he was ready to step up to the penalty spot regardless had failed once painfully not long ago.

He proved with his strength that he is the flagship of PSG today, not Neymar, Messi or anyone. And once he is the flagship of such a big star team, who dares to deny the possibility that Mbappe will be a great player wherever he goes.

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