6 fashion trends that dominate the field of women’s fashion autumn-winter 2021

6 fashion trends that dominate the field of women's fashion autumn-winter 2021

So we are entering the first days of the autumn-winter season 2021. The chilly air at this time has led to the strong rise of many trends. In which, there are many layers of costumes that famous fashion houses exploit from different creative angles; or the colorful color-block color schemes that make many fashionistas fall in love; And what’s more, the classic retro trends are back to create a bustling, stylish fashion atmosphere like never before.

6 fashion trends that dominate the field of women’s fashion autumn-winter 2021

If you are a fan of “playing around” with colorful color schemes, the Color-block mixes will not disappoint you. This Fall/Winter season, with the return of the yellow and olive branch colors, you can unleash your style with bright colors like pink, orange, red and metallic (silver or yellow). If in the past, women often chose dark clothes made of thick fabric to keep their bodies warm when the weather was cold at the end of the year, now, bright colors are considered a “dose dose”. “spiritual medicine” effectively revives optimism for ladies in the autumn and winter season. At the same time, these bright color schemes also help ladies express their unique fashion personality.

Temporarily put aside the familiar skinny jeans combinations because this Fall-Winter fashion season will welcome the return of baggy jeans. The wide leg design has long been loved by fashionistas. However, to be able to coordinate this style of pants so that the overall proportions of the set are balanced is not easy. To do so, you need to choose a shirt style that fits or hugs the body. Then layer it up with a loose fit or oversize coat depending on what style you’re aiming for. Finally, don’t forget a pair of matching high heels or workwear boots – this is also the shoe trend that will dominate the women’s fashion field this Fall/Winter 2021.

It can be said that layer combinations are no longer strange to modern fashionistas. You have many ideas for layering items together so that overlapping layers stand out the most. In the Fall-Winter 2021 fashion season, the designers have brought many suggestions to coordinate extremely beautiful outfits with items such as turtlenecks, cardigans, quilted tops, etc. Besides the color, you can also choose the page. Dress with fabric structure or outstanding texture to accentuate your outfit more attractive.

The military style inspired by military outfits continues to captivate the ladies in the Fall-Winter 2021 fashion season. Along with the familiar camo graphics, you can also choose from a variety of clothing styles. army green, shoulder padding, cargo pants or bohemian parka jacket designs for the set to add personality and strength. In addition, indispensable accessories to create a perfect military outfit cannot ignore aviators, shield glasses, gloves and a pair of sneakers or workwear to go with.

Over the decades and existing to this day, the logomania trend is still popular with fashionistas. Not only the items bearing the large brand logo, but also the unique monogram motifs on the costume and accessory designs of famous fashion houses also captivated the fans. This Fall-Winter, fashion houses continue to bring a disruptive fashion “playground”, a combination of loungewear, streetwear and tailoring that is both retro classic and modern.

The fashion style that was promoted by young people in the late 1990s to early 2000s Y2K has returned recently. This is a style that blends the liberal and free spirit of trendy Pop culture and the strong rise of modern technology. Y2K is a style for girls who possess a classic retro fashion personality but are equally young, strong and rebellious.

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