7 most favorite supporting characters in comics

7 most favorite supporting characters in comics

Vegeta ( Dragonball Z – 7 Dragon Balls ): As one of the last surviving individuals of the Saiyan race, Vegeta may not be the strongest but is certainly the most belligerent and loyal villain. His ability is no less than anyone else’s when he went through countless one-on-one battles like the one he encountered with Goku or Majin Buu and still survived.

7 most favorite supporting characters in comics

L ( Death Note ): Despite being rivals, both Light and L fight for one goal: peace for humanity. L is portrayed as an extremely intelligent but weird character, working as an anonymous detective to find Light’s whereabouts. Although he rarely appears and does not have many lines in Death Note , L also leaves a big mark in the hearts of readers.

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto): Despite being a villain, many Naruto fanshave great affection for Sasuke because of his superior fighting ability and beautiful character. The whole clan was murdered by his brother, the boy Sasuke was from one of the elite young ninjas who decided to leave the village to take revenge.

Matt Ishida (Digimon): Although he is just a supporting role in the Digimon manga , the character Matt also has many fans because of his cute appearance and naughty personality. Matt encourages his Digimon to become more open-minded. Although it does not appear much, readers of the story will still be impressed with Matt’s super cool Digimon – a giant wolf warrior.

Gary Oak (Pokémon) : Gary Oak is the first Pokemon champion of the series, then becomes the ubiquitous Pokemon prodigy. At first a rival but then a close friend of Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak asserts his abilities through the numerous Kanto and Johto badges he has earned.

Kaede Rukawa ( Slam Dunk ): Despite being the main character, many Slam Dunk fans do not like Hanamichi Sakuragi due to this guy’s irritable and foolish personality. The girl Hanamichi notices, she likes Kaede Rukawa – a quiet genius but no less personality. He has his own cheering team, his talent for playing is confirmed when throughout the series, he has never missed a single throw.

Seto Kaiba ( Yu Gi Oh! – King of the game ): Seto Kaiba is likened to Tony Stark of the manga world, a genius engineer with a huge fortune. Kaiba is one of the best duelists in the series having only lost twice to legendary opponents. But most of all, the character’s wholehearted care for his little brother is what makes readers love him.

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