Adele – when artistic emotions don’t just sublimate in music

Adele – when artistic emotions don't just sublimate in music

After a six-year absence, Adele is finally back with her fourth studio album, 30. When music is used as an emotional outlet, the 33-year-old singer recounts the story of her divorce. with ex-husband Simon Konecki in shades of loneliness and nostalgia. Accompanied by “storm” 30sweeping all over the music charts is her coverage on media such as radio, magazines or television.

Adele – when artistic emotions don’t just sublimate in music

The return of the “British painter” represents a new era of status and freedom and they are partly reflected in the way she looks each time she appears. Although there are many opinions that Adele’s recent “promotion” in style is largely due to the improvements in her physique after losing weight, but considering the whole process, each new step of her her music in music entails a similar elevation in fashion appearance.

Like the way that Adele makes music “not rushed, not colorful and of course not following trends”, the singer’s fashion style is also full of classicism and arrogance of an English lady. However, she and her simple and predictable attire have never faded before the countless layers of silk dresses belonging to the entertainment world.

Even without the explosions of “eye-catching” outfits or eye-catching vibrant color palettes, the singer and her stylist still create dramatic fashion “tones” with skillful designs. Intricate tailoring, intricate stitching, and a few subtle textures.

At a glance, Adele’s wardrobe is probably a model book full of tips on dressing for plus size people: dark, minimalist, tight waist and clever accents at the neck-shoulder area. However, stylist Gaelle Paul explains: “Adele has always wanted to wear black because she is a fan of music legend Johnny Cash, who has always been associated with black suits. She also likes June Carter Cash and Johnny and June’s marriage is something Adele is jealous of. Basically, she always feels confident with her body.”

In recent appearances, “British illustrator” has begun to be bolder with Schiaparelli ‘s abstract surrealist designs . Just as her music “dives” deeper into the world of emotions, Adele’s fashion takes on new levels and “sublimes” with her artistic schools to celebrate her emotional artistic self. like the philosophy of Daniel Roseberry.

For casual wear, stylist Gaelle Paul turns to popular commercial sites. “Adele says she loves Net-a-Porter and We’re always trying to experiment with different styles and colors – the point is to make things interesting and a little different than before.”

Adele – the name that owns at least one song in the playlist of the Millennials generation is one of the artists that are always extremely sought after by fashion brands. Before the COVID-19 pandemic , her shows were likened to a miniature fashion week where fashion houses were constantly “racing” to bring their high-end designs to the stage with “British painters”. ” in front of hundreds of millions of spectators.

When choosing an outfit for an event, stylist Gaelle Paul usually starts with a list of Adele’s favorite designers, including Valentino, Lanvin, Chloe, The Row, Armani, Temperley and Frame . However, there are always a lot of other high-end fashion brands that want to “insert” in this process.

“Everything she wears in public is designer. Brands are constantly offering to make things for Adele,” shared Paul. Even in the “occupation” of leading fashion magazines last month, many of the world’s most luxurious fashion houses had to “give in” to compete with Adele such as Valentino, Balenciaga , Cartier, Dior , Ralph Lauren niceGucci.

As Burberry ‘s creative director Christopher Bailey prepared to step down after 17 years at the brand, Adele shared what he meant to her career: “Christopher Bailey and Burberry were the first famous fashion house fix my oversized butt!” Adele and Burberry ‘s relationship is one that is hard to come by with today’s increasingly popular commercial deals.

During world tours, interviews or big red carpet events, Adele is very active “raising the flag for the UK” by favoring Burberry. Even on the 25th tour in 2016, Burberry announced that she would personally prepare an “exclusive” wardrobe to support the golden voice of the land of fog.

The brand is ready to give her stylist “a mountain of sketches”. “Coats, dresses, we’ll create anything that Adele has an interest in,” according to Burberry . However, all of those ideas went unused, as for the whole tour, her luggage consisted of only one powerful voice and ten unique copies of a Burberry design .

In addition to Burberry , British heritage – Vivienne Westwood is also a brand “catching the eye” of Adele. Immediately after appearing on the cover of the magazine with the fashion house’s iconic corset, the commerce site Lyst reported that searches for Vivienne Westwood ‘s design increased by 73%. Other retailers like Matchfashion also admit sales spiked thanks to the effect of the female singer.

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