Copenhagen Flames will transfer CS GO roster to Team Complexity

Copenhagen Flames will transfer CSGO roster to Team Complexity

After announcing that they would be transferring their entire CS:GO roster after the last Major Sotckholm, many organizations have contacted Copenhagen Flames to discuss issues related to their CS:GO roster. they proved their talent in the Major tournament and only stopped in the playoffs.

Copenhagen Flames will transfer CS GO roster to Team Complexity

According to some sources that has gathered, Complexity is the organization that has achieved success and took the lead in contacting Copenhagen Flames to buy out the entire squad. All other information about the value as well as the terms has been kept secret until now.

Copenhagen Flames is an esports organization known for its roster transfers at a price they say is “proper”. The team’s co-owner Daniel Vorborg has said that he just wants to give his players a salary that suits them. In contrast, these players will have to skillfully “PR” the organization on a regular basis when their deal is successful.

Despite making it to the top 10 of the best CS:GO teams of the year because of their performance at the last Major, it was followed by a string of losses for this team as they lost to a lot of teams. same tier with me in minor tournaments. Currently, this team is ranked 14th on the HLTV rankings, an extremely good position when they are only a tier A team. Complexity is also on the verge of reforming almost the entire CS:GO roster, with this acquisition, only the head coach position of the team remains vacant and will probably be officially announced in the near future. the earliest time before the spring tournaments begin. The current Copenhagen Flames lineup is as follows:

Free Fire Alpine Map Revealed: Location, Release Date & More!

Garena hasn’t added any new maps to Free Fire for a long time. However, last month, a brand new location codenamed “Shangri-La” was revealed by leakers. Similar to previous leaks, this map’s real name turned out to be Alpine. In this article, will introduce everything about the upcoming new Alpine map.

The map will be part of Free Fire’s “New Era” celebration event, which will take place on December 29, 2021. Alpine is the fifth map ever added to the game, along with Bermuda, Purgatory , Kalahari and Bermuda Remastered. Also, the “Alpine Resurrection” event will start on December 25th.

Alpine is Garena’s interpretation of a mountainous region with rich biodiversity, close to both snowy mountains and dense forests. It may be based on the Alps, a mountainous region in the middle of Europe. Forests and natural grasslands are found on the lower slopes, but as altitudes increase and temperatures drop, trees become scarcer and are replaced by snow.

Overall, this is a pretty unique map based on an area where other BR battles have never been attempted before. The most similar to Alpine is Vikendi from PUBG, but not too much snow.

The map will introduce lots of new features like trains, helicopters, wind generators, breakable fences, new decorative vehicles, new constructions, new textures and buildings monopoly.

Genshin Impact suddenly changed the publisher, miHoYo intends to “let go” of his pet?

Genshin Impact has only been released for over a year now, but this is an extremely successful game in terms of revenue as well as titles. The most typical is the $ 2 billion in sales in September or achieving $ 1 billion in revenue in just 6 months, surpassing the huge success of Pokémon GO before.

And most recently, Genshin Impact also achieved a very noble title, which is “Mobile Game of the Year” at The Game Awards 2021 just held recently. In this category, there have been many big names that have taken the gaming world by storm, most notably Riot Games’ super product League: Wild Rift. But overcoming everything, Genshin Impact was able to overcome a series of other competitors to be able to have the noble award of The Game Awards 2021.

However, after winning the award, the gaming community suddenly discovered that miHoYo had shown signs of changing the publishing rights of Genshin Impacy. Specifically, at the Epic Games Store, Genshin Impact has changed its description and the publisher of this game is no longer miHoYo, instead it is an extremely strange name for gamers – Cognosphere . Even this new publisher is the holder of the rights to publish Tears of Themis, a new game that is also about to be released by miHoYo.

And according to what learned, Cognosphere was formerly called Hoyoverse and the company’s headquarters is located in Singapore. In a word, this is a subsidiary of miHoYo and the father of Genshin Impact is intending to transfer the publishing rights of its games to other companies that are not located in China.

To explain the fact that miHoYo has taken a “detour” like this, it is because in recent months, the Chinese government has been moving to tighten control of content related to game titles, including tightening regulations. characterization of games released in China. For Genshin Impact, characters whose shapes are considered inappropriate such as Venti, Beidou, Ningguang, Xingqiu… are in danger of having to change their appearance because of China’s strict regulations.

This is also a reasonable explanation for miHoYo’s decision to move Genshin Impact to a new publisher not in China to avoid such strict censorship. Not only that, the company can also save a part of its costs because the character redesign will cost a lot of money, which may affect miHoYo’s future plans.

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