F1 driver Charles Leclerc attended the US Grand Prix late due to the lack of knowledge of the French airport leader

F1 driver Charles Leclerc attended the US Grand Prix late due to the lack of knowledge of the French airport leader

Monaco F1 driver Charles Leclerc has just encountered a rare incident, which may affect his performance at the 2021 US Grand Prix. Monaco F1 driver Charles Leclerc has just missed his earliest flight to the US for this weekend’s Grand Prix race, because a French airport official said he did not have a valid travel permit.

F1 driver Charles Leclerc attended the US Grand Prix late due to the lack of knowledge of the French airport leader

According to the 24-year-old driver from Austin, Texas (USA), he had to change his flight plan to New York, after canceling a scheduled flight from Nice in the south of France. Leclerc explains: ” At the airport in Nice, my NIE (National Interest Exception) was not accepted, so I couldn’t catch my original flight, so I had to change flights and arrive in New York on last minute.

There was only one person at the airport in Nice who, for some reason, didn’t understand the meaning of NIE, leaving me stuck. It wasn’t until a minute before the plane took off that he realized that NIE meant passed, but I couldn’t complete the procedure, so I stayed in Nice .”

The NIE is a form of travel document issued to persons from the Schengen Area to the United States. The Schengen Area comprising 26 European countries has officially abolished all passports and all types of border management at their common borders.

Leclerc said this incident made him change his mind, taking a flight to New York, an American city he had never been to. He stayed there for a day and then went to Milwaukee to watch the NBA’s opening game of the season.

It is known that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US does not accept foreign guests here, unless they are in one of the exempted subjects. Everyone has to follow this rule, athletes are no exception.

Thanks to a naive opponent, Hamilton sets a new F1 record in Russia: 100 Grand Prix championships

It is not known when F1 will have a driver to knock down the terrible record that Lewis Hamilton has just set at the late Russian Grand Prix on September 26, 2021.

In Russia late on September 26, 2021, Lewis Hamilton has just become the first F1 driver in history to reach 100 Grand Prix championships. This is a record that is forecasted that no one can beat it. This result brings Hamilton back to the top of the overall standings because the Mercedes driver is now 2 points ahead of rival Max Verstappen of Red Bull.

This also means that the British driver is again full of hopes of setting a new record of 8 times F1 world champion. But first, the driver who just set a record 100 times Grand Prix win needs to thank compatriot Lando Norris for his naivete. This is also a blameworthy mistake of McLaren.

In fact, Lando Norris led the race until only 2 laps left. At the time, almost everyone believed that he was about to become the youngest British driver in F1 Grand Prix history. Suddenly it was raining at that time. Norris decided to slow down to keep the tires as dry as possible. Suddenly the weather got worse and worse. As a result, Norris let Hamilton pass.

Starting 4th and still finishing first and turning the situation from 5 points behind Max Verstappen to 2 points ahead of the Dutch driver before the remaining 7 races, Hamilton clearly had a great rainy day in Sochi.

However, Max Verstappen was clearly more than satisfied when he finished second at the Russian Grand Prix. Because, he started in last place due to a penalty for using a new engine. However, he only finished 53 seconds behind Hamilton, minimizing the risk of being far behind. Spanish driver Carlos Sainz took 3rd place for Ferrari.

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