Fall in love with stylish pastel color schemes for trendy girls

Fall in love with stylish pastel color schemes for trendy girls

Temporarily putting aside the eye-catching tie-dye trend, now fashion-loving girls can feel the youthful, dynamic but still extremely luxurious look from the unique pastel trend. Not only creating stylish #ootd sets for spring and summer, but pastel tones also bring women to countless trendy layering mixes for autumn and winter.

Fall in love with stylish pastel color schemes for trendy girls

Similar to warm earth tones or seductive hot colors, pastel colors also have many light, fresh and extremely flattering shades. However, between countless pastel colors as well as costume materials, it is difficult for women to choose the most suitable map. So how to mix pastel clothes to match the trend? What tones can this color be combined with? Or what pastel shades are suitable for each skin tone? Come up with the following interesting suggestions.

Light skin tone: For girls with light skin tone, baby blue outfits are the perfect choice. Particularly for girls who choose light dyed or ombre hair, the combo of pastel colors (especially lavender and peach colors) and neutral colors help women enhance the beauty of their skin, hair and figure. mine.

Yellow skin: Girls can choose butter yellow or mint green or pastel pink outfits to create a youthful and dynamic look. In addition, the combination of pastel colors and hot colors (such as red, yellow, orange) helps women feel confident in their every step at any event and situation.

Dark skin: Pastel yellow shades are the ideal choice when mixing clothes for girls with healthy honey skin. In addition, lilac, lilac purple bring a softer, more feminine look to this skin tone. In particular, the girls can mix pastel colors according to the monochrome formula or a mixture of pastel or pastel combined with neutral colors (white or black) to enhance the beauty of their skin.

Pastel colors are the most suitable color in the ladies’ wardrobe to coordinate a color from top to bottom, from clothes to fashion accessories. The combination of crop-top or bra and suit gives women a style that is both strong and luxurious. In addition, pastel-colored pleated skirts and dresses are taking the throne in the women’s fashion field, which is varied by many women with many unique combinations.

If women are too bored with the familiar neutral color scheme and want to find new fashion inspiration for themselves, the pastel and neutral color scheme is an attractive suggestion. You can accentuate a neutral color outfit (such as white, black, gray, navy) with soft pastel colors.

Bright or hot colors seem impossible to harmonize with pastel colors, but the combination of these two tones will create an impressive highlight for ladies, especially those with dark skin.

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