Game Hades made history becoming the first video game to win the Hugo literary award

Game Hades made history becoming the first video game to win the Hugo literary award

Yesterday, the game Hades made history by becoming the first video game to win the Hugo Award, the annual literary award given to the best works of fantasy and science fiction of the year.

Game Hades made history becoming the first video game to win the Hugo literary award

Hades is a masterpiece from indie studio Supergiant Games, released last year after a long Early Access period. On Twitter , Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin regretted not being able to receive the award in person. On behalf of the development team, Mr. Kasavin appreciated that the Hugo Awards had “recognized the potential of works in this category”, referring to the field of video game creation.

Hades enjoyed financial success and received numerous awards. The game belongs to the roguelike genre (must be played from the beginning every time it fails) set in Greek mythology, about the attempt to escape from hell of the prince of the underworld Zagreus.

This year’s nominees also include Spiritfarer, The Last of Us 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Blaseball.

Never before has the annual literary prize opened a category related to video games. But at the moment, the new category is only temporary. In recent years, the Hugo Awards have continuously renewed themselves with new awards, honoring more works that honor the rich human imagination.

As video games continue to evolve into the future, the prestigious literary award will consider adding new categories that reflect the abundant creativity in each of their productions.

After only 1 week of publication, the NFT/blockchain game Legacy earned more than 54 million USD in investment money to buy virtual land

Last weekend, game development studio 22cans and blockchain game company Gala Games launched the first limited, virtual plots of land in Legacy, a game using NFT technology. Legacy is eloquently called “a creative investor’s dream come true ”.

Legacy will launch at some point in 2022. But up to this point, the first investors / gamers have poured into Legacy $ 54 million to buy virtual land.

How the game works/Legacy’s “Gameplay”
Described as ” the first blockchain business management game” , Legacy allows gamers to design their own products and in-game architecture, and manufacture them with virtual “workers” in a virtual factory.

Finished products can be exchanged between the gaming community, gamers have the opportunity to participate in competitions to ” reach high positions on the leaderboard and win big prizes “. The prize will be LegacyCoin, a cryptocurrency circulating in the virtual world of Legacy.

To participate in this potential market, gamers must own a piece of land in the game. Currently, this means buying one of 4,661 virtual pieces of land, located on a virtual continent shaped like London. The number of “real estate” sold on the Gala Games market , and it is not clear how the number of plots will increase or decrease in the future.

At the time the original article appeared on ArsTechnica, 4,500 pieces of land were owned, with a total purchase price of about 13,365 Eth (over $54 million at current market prices). Among the virtual real estate, a unique piece titled “Heart of London” sold for 220,607 Eth (over $900,000). There are still 140 derelict plots of land, with a total value of up to 527.04 Eth (about 2.1 million USD).

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