Giorgio armani and the proud national anthem

Giorgio armani and the proud national anthem

As a brand that understands who it is and what it stands for, Armani always creates designs that are consistent, definitive and different. That’s probably why, Armani has always maintained his form as a friend next to the Italian team at the Olympics. This year’s 2022 Olympics, the Italian fashion house uses the gown as a uniform for the home team.

Giorgio armani and the proud national anthem

Not only highlighting the country’s name with gold text on a fresh green background, Armani also “engraves” the country’s national anthem when gold-printed lyrics are placed on the inside left chest of his jacket.

UNIQLO always focuses on the convenience brought to users, instead of following fashion trends. The big man from Japan has his own way to create “advanced simplicity” with the power of material development technology . This year, the combination of technologies like HeatTech, LifeWear and AIRism not only helps athletes adapt quickly to the cold, control sweat, but also successfully “inculcate” the ideal of eco-friendly fashion. environment of the Swedish team.

After a wave of criticism for the “lost” sportswear at the Olympics last season, Canada decided to regain its form with the home sports brand. Lululemon has a great “savior” with the typical red and white monochrome designs of the country of maple leaves. This monochrome mix causes “haunting” with its fashion, technology and the ability to “catch light” on “stage”.

They’re made of next-generation water-resistant, anti-bacterial synthetic fabric, zippers allow length adjustment and can even be turned into a backpack.

Despite receiving support from the world’s leading sports brand – adidas, the uniform design features the three main colors of the national flag and the message of “rebellious optimism” in the team’s sporting spirit. This year’s German team is not breakthrough enough to impress. The designs are all around the color-blocking that adidas used to use on UK uniforms.

Under sanctions following the doping scandal, the Russian team’s uniform does not have the national flag, but instead features the red, blue and white flames of the Russian Olympic Committee. Accompanying the national team since 2017, Zasports has always left sports fans and fans impressed with its artistic designs. The main tone used by designer Anastasia Zadorina is Qing blue – symbolizing health and harmony in Qing culture.

Impressing with the uniform design as if stepping out of the Slytherine house, the Australian team is highly appreciated for its youthful and novel spirit. With more than 8 years of experience with the team, Sportscraff has become one of the trusted sports brands with sports fashion lovers in Australia.

For sportswear in Korea, The North Face is one of the most loved brands and “undertakes” this year’s national team apparel. The short life jackets printed with the Taebaek mountain range with two main color tones, black and white, clearly show the disruptive but not colorful fashion sense of the majority of young people here. About 200 plastic bottles were recycled to create a uniform.

In addition to the costumes at the opening ceremony of Anta Sports, Feng Chen Wang and Chen Peng, the main in charge of the competition designs of the host country is Tim Yip – Oscar-winning designer of Costume Design.

For 12 teams in 15 sports are three different inspired collections: Lucky Snow and Cloud , Great Landscape and Flying Snow in Tang Dynasty. The design concept is based on the Chinese word Zhong which can be translated as “medium” and usually represents loyalty.

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