President Trump and his wife wish Christmas call vaccines a ‘miracle’

President Trump and his wife wish Christmas call vaccines a 'miracle'

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump wished Americans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. They rate the COVID-19 vaccine just approved for use in the US as a ‘Christmas miracle’.

President Trump and his wife wish Christmas call vaccines a ‘miracle’

On December 24, US President Donald Trump and US first lady Melania Trump appeared in a video sending Christmas wishes to Americans. They emphasized the importance of this holiday and praised the efforts of Americans during the pandemic, according to Fox News.

“President Trump and I want to wish every American a very Merry Christmas,” US first lady Melania Trump began the video.

Melania also thanked frontline workers, teachers and others who have contributed in the fight against COVID-19. “As you know, this year’s Christmas is different than previous years. We are fighting a global pandemic that affects everyone,” said Mrs. Melania.

The message of President Trump and his wife comes after months of US restrictions and as people across the US begin to receive the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Two approved vaccines are from Pfizer (USA) / BioNTech (Germany) and Moderna (USA).

“We are distributing millions of doses of a safe and effective vaccine that will bring an end to this horrible pandemic soon and save millions of lives,” Trump said.

The US leader expressed: “We are grateful to all the scientists, researchers, production workers and those who have worked tirelessly to bring about this breakthrough. This is truly a breakthrough. It’s a Christmas miracle.”

US First Lady Melania added: “During this wonderful time of the year, we also thank the brave and selfless Americans to keep us safe. We are forever grateful to the members of the United States of America. law enforcement and the heroes of the US military”.

At the end of the video, Mr. Trump once again sent his greetings: “On behalf of Melania and the whole Trump family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

‘How long is the sad day…’

So many things for the first time in history happened in America this year. Two racers for the presidency as if water and fire made US election history when attracting nearly half of the population – 150 million voters – to participate.

The election as if it were the most dramatic, tough and reality TV show to date is not over yet, while more than 329,000 people have died from the COVID-19 pandemic. In it, there are stories about the fate of Vietnamese people around me.

A friend quarantined himself for 2 weeks before driving all day to visit his elderly parents. On the way, he stopped by a friend’s house for lunch. Two days later, when he got home, his friend called to say he was infected with COVID-19.

Worried about his parents, he told his sister nearby to bring the vaccine over for them to take. New or both were in the recovery room, emergency room at the hospital. Tested all 4 people infected. Fortunately, they got rid of it after a few weeks of treatment. But not everyone is so lucky.

Life in the uncertain times of COVID-19 has become the “new normal”, it seems that people have forgotten when COVID-19 will end. The hour markers are up to the new standard – pre-vaccination and post-vaccination.

Online networks like virtual reality now seem to be more real than before… vaccines, becoming a new horizon of business opportunities for work, learning, more open and fast moving with applications and technologies. new technology.

On the highway every day, the usual traffic jam has clearly reduced because working from home, working online has become a necessary trend. There are lines now, presumably for COVID-19 testing.

The old days of the old year are ending, but there is an unprecedented situation of a gloomy Christmas. Noel has fewer lights than before, Noel “closes dates” with thoughtful gift packages placed in front of the door, app to check the temperature of grilled steak, colorful Noel with friends online…

At the end of the dark year that was coming to an end with a precarious Christmas, the departure of two famous talents made every Vietnamese here awake. Noel was less gloomy when it became the days to watch Chi Tai perform at home, listen to Lam Phuong music , Sad City, Poor Life, Last Minute. .. full of love and kindness still stay.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus with red balloons fluttered on the grass on the fronts of the house, with rows of lights flashing fast and slow. In the morning Santa’s balloon deflated in the grass, wrinkled and wrinkled in the cold wet dew from the power outage.

“How long is the sad day…”

Despite the turmoil, the painful legacy of a democracy wounded with hatred and division, as has happened so many times, will make these patriots continue to rally and move forward.

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