Street style anne hathaway mixing cheap knitted silk blouse with brand name

Street style anne hathaway mixing cheap knitted silk blouse with brand name

Soft and airy knitted silk fabric trusted by Anne Hathaway during her trip to the South of France. For the whole season of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Anne Hathaway is constantly on the list of best dressed stars. Until the day she left the coastal city of France, fashionistas also wanted to know what she wore to the airport.

Street style anne hathaway mixing cheap knitted silk blouse with brand name

According to Erin Walsh, Anne Hathaway’s stylist, the actress’s daily street style clothes at Cannes, although looking simple, are actually branded. They come from big brands like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Self Portrait…. At a glance, each item costs several hundred dollars or more.

However, there is an item chosen by Anne Hathaway, although it does not come from a luxury brand. It’s a polo shirt from Lily Silk. The $120 price tag (about 2.7 million VND) is only a fraction of the luxury items commonly seen in her street style.

Lily Silk is a silk fashion brand based in the UK. And the polo shirt that Anne Hathaway is made of is knit mulberry silk, different from the types of silk we usually know. Perhaps the soft, comfortable feeling of this material has conquered the actress and her stylist, so it should be chosen even though it is not a luxury brand.

The familiar types of silk weaving can include shiny satin silk, twill weave for silk scarves, standing taffeta weave… But silk yarn can also be knitted like cotton or wool, creating luxury knitted fabrics.

Knitted clothing is often used mainly in the cold season. However, with silk, it is entirely possible to wear knitwear in the hot season. Silk fiber has the property of keeping warm in cold weather and cooling in hot season. The knitted fabric from silk is especially breathable and absorbs sweat well, so even if it’s close to the body, it won’t cause heat.

The common weaves of silk often result in a fabric with a glossy, non-stretch surface. Meanwhile, knitted silk fabric is not shiny, only slightly shiny when exposed to the sun. This material also has a natural stretch thanks to the way the weave is not too tight.


  • Although it is a knitted material, it still has the same softness and smoothness as ordinary silk fabric, very smooth to the touch.
  • The material is suitable for both winter and summer.
  • The special knit style is suitable for sweat absorption, breathable, suitable as a polo shirt to wear when playing golf or walking on the street.
  • Hard to fray fabric like other knitted materials. Silk has longer fibers when compared to wool, cotton and synthetic fibers, so knitted silk products are also difficult to fray or ruffle like other materials.
  • Not shiny but has a natural shine, suitable for men’s fashion.


  • The fibers become weak and break easily when in contact with water.
  • Doesn’t stretch as well as elastic or polyester knits.
  • Can be penetrated if too thin.
  • High price.


  • Knitted silk material is suitable for making golf polo shirts, warm vests, underwear, socks/socks, gloves…
  • Natural silk, without dyes, is suitable for children’s textiles because it is gentle on baby’s skin and does not contain chemicals that cause allergies.


Silk knits are also blended with other fibers, such as cotton, cashmere or synthetic fibers such as spandex. The reason for mixing yarns is to improve the fabric.

Cotton combined with silk creates a hand-washable knit, because cotton is stronger and harder to break than silk when exposed to water. Silk-blend cashmere wool reduces the chance of cashmere ruffles. Silk combined with spandex creates a good stretchy material, suitable for underwear or tights.

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