The fashion style of lily collins in “emily in paris 2”: join the custom or dare to assert your own identity?

The fashion style of lily collins in "emily in paris 2": join the custom or dare to assert your own identity?

Despite facing mixed reactions, it is undeniable that “Emily in Paris” is one of the most loved movies of 2020. In this return to the screen, besides the thrilling stories about Emily’s life, work and love, the audience also had the opportunity to admire the unique fashion personality of the lady from the United States in the light capital.

The fashion style of lily collins in “emily in paris 2”: join the custom or dare to assert your own identity?

Right from the time of its release, “Emily in Paris” has succeeded in creating effects that attract a large number of global viewers with its talented cast and interesting film content. Besides, the fashion aesthetic element cleverly inserted into the film not only exudes the character’s personality, but also shows the intention of the costume designers in using fashion as a topic of discussion. spread among the fan community.

Indeed, for the followers of French fashion, it must be no stranger to the concept of “minimalism” in the style of dress. Because the spirit of minimalism has long been ingrained in the subconscious of French ladies. Or it can be said simply that any outfit with too colorful colors and cumbersome motifs will become “countryside” in the eyes of the French.

Throughout the episodes from the first season to this second season, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) remains faithful to the eye-catching color block color schemes and outstanding textures in the outfit combinations. The choice of fashion style that goes against the aesthetic of the French for the main character of the duo costume designer Marylin Fitoussi and design consultant Patricia Field all aim at two main purposes.

Firstly, Emily’s carefully coordinated colorful and textured costumes show the liberal and ambitious spirit of an American lady. Although the setting is set in the magnificent capital of light, Paris, it does not mean that the main character must also “enter the customary”, putting aside personal preferences to dress up in appearance that does not say anything about his personality. .

Therefore, the designer duo encouraged Lily Collins to choose the sets (in the catalog prepared in the film) as “colorful” as possible. “ It was true that there were outfits that stunned her. When she saw some combinations, she said: ‘Really?’ but still smiling. If she’s feeling a little nervous, I know the set is fine. If she didn’t feel dizzy, the set would be too simple ,” said designer Fitoussi.

Secondly, in the face of many opinions that Emily’s style is too “countryside” when set in the world’s largest fashion capital, Paris, the designer duo Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field think that her style very special. As mentioned earlier, French ladies define elegance by dressing in minimalism and sophistication.

But what if a lovely, graceful girl in colorful items? Yes, not attractive but enough to make people look back. Of course, anything that is talked about creates a strong viral effect. Thanks to that, Emily in particular and the project “Emily in Paris” in general became a hot topic of the global audience. And that is also the intention of the designers in building a disruptive image of the character Emily in the film.

In general, in this 2nd season, the costume designer duo still does not restrain the colorful color schemes and textures in Emily’s style. Instead, they will upgrade her wardrobe by challenging to mix-&-match luxury fashion with vintage items. Accordingly, Emily’s set of clothes will be less layered and dotted with luxury looks with gloves, hats and designer handbags.

After all, the general formula for creating Emily’s fashion style in “Emily in Paris 2” is the basic, Middle Eastern, Parisian fashion accents and the inherent optimism of the protagonist.

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