The Game Awards Summary of notable game trailers at the event

The Game Awards Summary of notable game trailers at the event

The Game Awards is one of the biggest game awards ceremonies of the year, and is also the place to reveal many notable game trailers. Let’s summarize them together with

The Game Awards Summary of notable game trailers at the event

Thus, The Game Awards 2021 event ended this morning, December 10, with the title of Game of The Year 2021 officially belonging to It Takes Two, an extremely successful and creative co-op game. from Hazelight Studios, released in March of this year. Besides the awards, what many gamers look forward to the most at the event are the game reveal trailers, and this year’s The Game Awards did not disappoint with a lot of remarkable information. Let’s summarize that information with in the following series of articles.

At The Game Awards 2021 event, Gearbox Software and Blackbird Interactive officially introduced the gameplay of Homeworld 3, marking the return of this franchise since Homeworld 2 was released in 2003. Is a series of the war genre. In real-time, Homeworld 3 puts players in control of massive fleets to protect the mother ship Kushan , in fully 3D environments. Although the trailer showcased the gameplay of Homeworld 3, the fleet command interface itself did not appear. Even so, perhaps BlackbirdNor does it intend to change much of the features used in the first two games. Players will go on missions throughout the campaign, gathering resources to expand their fleet and research ships.

The plot potential of Homeworld 3 is also immense, with deep lore and a lot of places, units, and characters that have been firmly built. The ending of Homeworld 2 leaves many possibilities for what happens next, but it is still unclear how long the developer will take the timeline. While the majority of Homeworld titles are available on Steam in a Remastered collection, Homeworld Cataclysm for some reason has been dropped, even though it has its own story line and choice of approach to the Homeworld universe. quite unique.

Maybe the problem lies in its name “Cataclysm” , which is a name already given by Blizzard Entertainment. copyright registration. Even so, Homeworld Cataclysm is still officially re-released on Good Old Games as Homeworld Emergence , so the main reason is probably because the original source code has been lost after many years, a common situation in development game. Homeworld 3 will launch in Q4 2022 on PC.

Among the new game announcements, there is a name in the rogue-lite genre that quite attracts viewers with its hand-drawn cartoon images and an artistic world of guillotine, that is Have a Nice Death from Magic Design. Studios, the development team, released the unique Unruly Heroes game in 2019. Published by Perfect World Entertainment, Have a Nice Death puts players in the role of a familiar face of hell: Death. While “colleague” rogue-lite Hades offers Greek mythology, Have a Nice Death asks the player to manage the souls and employees who work at Death Incorporated .

Since humanity seems to be dying according to a periodic routine, the creatures and monsters in Death Incorporated are overworked, including Death himself . This is when the player must swing his scythe and go deal with his unruly staff. Have a Nice Death promises to bring an interesting approach when using Death’s abilities to complement the gameplay mechanics. The game also promises to bring a distinct style of humor so as not to create a feeling of tension. Currently, the game has only been confirmed to launch on PC via Steam in March 2022, in Early Access, and will cost around $15.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the all-time classic horror movies, but there are hardly any game adaptations dedicated to it. Things promise to change with a multiplayer project of the same name being developed by Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham. The game’s first trailer was revealed at The Game Awards event, with many iconic images and scenes that have haunted the minds of horror lovers for years, from the desolate landscape outside the outside the house and the shabby old furniture inside. However, until the end of the trailer, viewers see someone hanging upside down from the ceiling, blood dripping into a bucket, and the image of a chainsaw blade and Letherface ‘s familiar face appear.

The developers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are committed to sticking to the original 1974 film and what still haunts moviegoers to this day. Darren Campion, executive producer at Sumo Nottingham shared his excitement: “This classic has been scaring people for the past 40 years, and we’re so excited about the game’s development, Hopefully fans old and new will both become a part of this truly authentic experience.” Although the gameplay of the game is not clear, the trailer shows how the developers understand the game about this chainsaw killer should be made. From the environment to the lighting, everything clearly shows the emotions of the original movie. The game is in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Although it has been announced for a long time, but Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga has not revealed any gameplay details yet. Fortunately, everything changed at The Game Awards 2021, with the first gameplay trailer being extremely impressive. The trailer opens with the main character Senua trying to defeat a giant with a group of warriors. Despite being wounded, this giant was still able to destroy many of Sena ‘s comrades . Although the trailer looks like a movie clip, Ninja Theoryconfirmed this is the actual gameplay, is what gamers will get in the game. Even if the first game was impressive with its sharp visuals, this trailer seems to have pushed things to a new level.

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