8 trends dominating the playground of women’s fashion

8 trends dominating the playground of women's fashion

2020 is considered the most volatile year in the history of global fashion. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced luxury fashion houses to change show schedules as well as launch new collections through digital platforms. Let’s Dep Online review the outstanding fashion trends of 2020!

8 trends dominating the playground of women’s fashion

In many Western countries, the use of masks in daily life seems too strange and somewhat eccentric. However, in the midst of everyone living with the pandemic, this is also the time when the mask and face covering become the “undivided” fashion accessories of each person.

The appearance of masks and visors on the 2020 catwalk is not the first. Famous fashion houses have also combined these items with their designs from previous collection seasons such as Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2019 Collection, Thom Browne Spring Summer 2019 Collection… . And this year 2020, the mask and visor continues to be the creative inspiration of designers for the 2021 collections. From Marine Serre, Christian Siriano to Rick Owens, Balmain, masks are more than a piece of clothing. health protection but also a great accessory for fashionistas.

After Pantone announced the classic blue color as the representative color for 2020, immediately this cool cool color quickly took over the fashion catwalk. But throughout the two main fashion seasons of the year, purple tones, especially looking for lilac, are the main colors that follow women to the trendiest mixes. Designers have blown into this color gamut a break from the variety in fabrics, making purple fashion items not only eye-catching but also exalting the beauty of women. Above all, purple will continue to be the color that promises to bring women both femininity and pride for 2021.

One of the most prominent highlights in the fashion scene in 2020 can be said to be puffy designs. From the puffy shirts at the sleeves to the puffy dresses on the background of enchanting materials and textures, the fans can’t help but whisper.

Tweed – a fabric imbued with the impressions of kings and aristocracy from the 19th century – is not only improved by contemporary fashion houses in the launch seasons of new collections with many impressive designs but also It is also a material that shows the trendy class of modern women. And this year 2020, the outfits made of tweed fabric are highly promoted by world-famous stars and fashionistas.

Cardigan jackets seem to be no longer a strange item for the fashionistas because this casual item is always on the “top list” of women’s daily outfits. Most impressively, cardigans now appear with extremely eye-catching designs from luxury fashion houses based on unique knitted, knitted or woolen fabrics.

The plaid pattern has been present in women’s fashion for decades, but 2020 has marked the spectacular return of this classic pattern. The plaid pattern is divided into many types such as window pane, tartan, gingham… The women’s fashion playground is somewhat more liberal and dynamic, but the classic and elegant beauty from the plaid pattern is still appreciated by the girls. love the fad, love it.

The prevailing streetwear craze not only changes men’s fashion orientation but also spreads that liberality and dynamism into the realm of contemporary women’s fashion. Instead of the elegantly structured tailor-made designs of the past, fashion houses have brought together designs that blend futuristic spirit and classic tailoring techniques to create future fashion trends – neo-tailoring. These trending outfits no longer follow the old standards of tailoring, but break with bolder and more liberal seams, but still retain the inherent luxurious beauty of the high-end tailoring line.

Strong, individual menswear designs always appear in the launch seasons of new collections of luxury fashion houses. If the little black dress is known as a gentle, feminine “treasure”, honoring the graceful beauty of a woman, the structured menswear is a statement of women’s authority.

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