Beret hats and all kinds of style changes for women in autumn and winter

Beret hats and all kinds of style changes for women in autumn and winter

Berets are one of the fashion accessories that have been loved by the charming French girls for many years. The feminine and classic beauty of this hat promises to continue to make fashionistas fall in love with this Fall-Winter season.

Beret hats and all kinds of style changes for women in autumn and winter

The field of women’s fashion always has new changes. That change brought not only brand new fashion trends but also a return of timeless trends. Among them can be mentioned the new return of the beret – a classic accessory associated with the peasants and painters of the 14th century.

Today, in addition to colors, girls also have many choices of beret hats made from many different fabrics. In colder weather, hats in knits, knits, leather, suede, velvet and even denim are great choices for a change of style. Above all, to have a neat and trendy outfit, ladies should wear beret hats tilted to one side and let their hair fall naturally. From normcore to très-chic, what are the stylish beret combinations for this Fall/Winter season?

It seems that the Preppy-chic mix like student girls has not shown any signs of cooling down in the past few years. Preppy-chic is a way to help girls show the sophistication in their daily clothes as well as suitable to wear to different events. The items that make up the stylish Preppy-chic style include cardigans, blazers, tailored pants, pullovers, navy striped tops…

In the midst of countless formulas for coordinating outfits in general and fashion styles in particular, Minimalism is still considered the most ideal style for modern ladies, both elegant and trendy. Thanks to the delicate and classic beauty inherent in the beret, combining this fashion hat in a minimalist style creates an irresistible charm.

Monochrome style is also chosen by many women for their autumn and winter outfits. The harmonious combination of color shades of the same tone gives a finished and extremely sophisticated look. In this cold weather, try to mix & match outfits from earthy shades (like beige, ivory, ocher…), neutral colors (like white, black, gray) or pastels to dress up the Fall/Winter season. still meager.

The girls can learn the secret of dressing well from the girls who love French fashion. The world’s largest fashion capital is famous for its elegant, elegant and somewhat romantic fashion sense. They often choose timeless pieces based on classic motifs (such as Prince of Wales, Gingham, Houndstooth, Tartan …) and balance the overall balance by combining fashion items with a more modern touch. And finally, it is impossible to lack a really flattering beret hat.

For girls who want to find a way to break in an elegant French outfit, the très-chic style will be an ideal combination. Ladies can apply color block color schemes or use street fashion items (such as parka jackets, sneakers, hoodies …) to add personality.

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