9 fashion items for a chic year-end style like a french girl

9 fashion items for a chic year-end style like a french girl

The party atmosphere, the chilly air, the get-togethers, all make for the perfect time to “extra” everything with color, texture, and style. The year-end weather also allows for endless experiments with layering , along with fashion items that will help you complete your last beautiful mission of the year in a stylish way standard the concept of “chic” “.

9 fashion items for a chic year-end style like a french girl

Named in French as manteau, long coats always succeed in mastering aristocratic and classic style. This design is like the perfect winter version of the word “chic”, because without trying too hard, the luxurious beauty of the shirt will let you loose in wide-leg pants , midi skirts or even even athleisure with jogger pants. Whether it’s felt, khaki , tweed, leather, etc., the world of long coats certainly has a place for the option that best suits your personality.

Gone are the days when waistcoats were framed into serious, book-smelly mixes, the return of this item marks a new source of inspiration from Dad’s wardrobe. The vests will be the ideal companion for countless layerings. If you fall in love with the Dark Academia style from the school of the Western elite, the vest will help you feel that regal breath with the support of the checkered pattern.

Up to the appointment again, the elegant high-neck shirt design has never missed the reunion with the fashionistas every autumn-winter every year. The “expensive” turtleneck detail not only gives a delicate and elegant feeling, but also really works in the work of making poses but is not frivolous in the face of chilly winds. Regardless of the way or the tradition, you should still own at least one turtleneck in your wardrobe to refresh the mix with a shirt or blazer.

The leading positions in this year’s trend list cannot be complete without a series of knitted items that have stirred the fashion village from Summer to East. By the time of the last months of the year, which is also the real playground of this soft material, how much wool is no longer a matter of concern with countless “trendy” designs. In particular, a uniform set of skirts and knitted tops will be a bright “order” for you to join the stylish party of the followers.

Saying goodbye to the hot sun of summer, the gloomy weather of winter really needs bright red lights full of energy. If the last “falls in love” with the passionate red color but is afraid to become the center of attention, a little more excitement from accessories or textures will be the solution for both ways. And of course, the festive atmosphere will be incomplete without the symbolic color of happiness.

The cold weather is just an excuse for this trendy accessory to be leisurely back on the trend track. Exquisite gloves will help you transform into a sophisticated French lady in classic beauty. The simplest monochrome mixes can also become interesting and artistic with just a “second skin”. But what’s most captivating is the cinematic feel that exudes in your every move when wearing lace or leather gloves.

This item maximalism is the fastest way to conquer Parisian Chic outfits . Sophisticated mesh details “turn” any simple hat into a “chic” and arrogant design to help you shine at parties. When you’ve focused on accessories, you don’t need to put too much effort into the outfit because a black dress of the same color is enough to make the stage for the mesh hat to show all your charm.

In addition to the classic black ankle boots, you can take advantage of the festive atmosphere to indulge in designs with pops of color and fancy designs than rubber soles, high-knee boots or boots. cowboy boots. Owning a pair of boots to fashion the mix has been an immortal secret passed down by generations of fashionistas. Endless appeal will be established at the balance point of this “sobs” shoe with feminine skirt designs.

Classic handbag designs such as “F5” with innovative quilting techniques. This cozy beauty warms up fashion mixes in a soft and comforting way. Although not gorgeous and eye-catching, the “pillow” in your hand still exudes an irresistible charm like imagining a warm room in the cold winter. Try adding a splash of fun to an elegant and well-dressed outfit with a quilted handbag to venture into unexpected, dreamy dress inspiration.

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