Cozy aesthetic – the art of lazy from pajamas

Cozy aesthetic – the art of lazy from pajamas

In recent years, the trend to move away from material glamor to find a sense of peace from simple things has become increasingly popular with many leading trends such as Cottagecore , Prairecore , Goblincore or now Cozy Aesthetic. The cold air and a long season of separation make us somewhat tired and the desire to “love” ourselves.

Cozy aesthetic – the art of lazy from pajamas

Before this trend, #cozyvibes, #cozystyle or #cozyoutfit are becoming “trending” hashtags on platforms like Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest . Contrary to the extravagant, sophisticated outfits, Cozy Aesthetic “pats” emotions in soft pajamas and a room full of warmth.

Cozy, also known as Hygge or Comfy, is a term describing a lifestyle towards peace, coziness and comfort. Coming from the Nordic countries that always find happiness in small things, Cozy is simply sitting by the fireplace sipping hot tea or snuggling in a cotton blanket on cold days without any worries. anxiety, depression.

This trend does not stop at an aesthetic trend but also inspires many creative fields such as music, literature, short videos or movies. To feel Cozy in a more vivid aspect, you can recall the “chill chill” instrumental melody in the famous Youtube videos of “study girl” Lofi Girl. In fashion, this style is characterized by a neutral color palette and loose-fitting homewear, most notably the breath of the bedroom.

The cold of early winter always makes us want to postpone everything to “live slow” and enjoy warm things. That’s why Cozy Aesthetic pajamas are being popular with inspiration from this simple lifestyle. For believers, anywhere can become a photo studio and when it’s a bed, fashion seems to be released in “dreamy” frames.

As one of the must-have items every Fall-Winter, the diverse knitted design is very popular with the world because of its high applicability regardless of the space from home to town. In addition to excellent warmth, this material is also the preferred choice thanks to its ability to stretch, providing comfort in every movement.

To “blow” more life into “light” photos with white, cream, and beige colors, you can “install” in a few vivid and artistic fresh flowers. The bed sheets with pristine white tones combined with color accents from flowers or messy magazines are also the perfect “accessories” to create more accents for your photos.

Unlike other popular winter materials, felt fabric actually has a bit of a talent for “animated” your home scenes. Because felt clothing was originally created for competitive athletes before it was upgraded to trendy items by fans. Ribbed socks or fur sandals will be very suitable to invite the felt design to immerse more deeply into the Cozy world.

Take advantage of clever lighting to add sparkle to your Instagram feed. A few light rays of sunlight spread on the background of the outfit, making the frame look much more natural and pleasing to the eyes. If it is an evening space, small yellow string lights are a simple and easy tip inspired by romantic movies.

Although it does not stretch well or is exceptionally warm, cotton material with its lightness and good absorbency is always popular in the pajamas world regardless of the season of the year. This is also the fabric that offers the widest range of options with flexibility and price range. In addition to monochromatic pajama sets, you can innovate with a subtle, safe and always trendy check or plaid pattern .

Don’t forget pets will be the characters that play a huge role to double the feeling of closeness and warmth as well. Sometimes, you can also refresh yourself with a cotton nightgown design and “party” in the back garden with some food on rustic wooden or wicker trays.

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