Crazy rich vip the privileges of 1-0-2 luxury brands for high-end Gods

Crazy rich vip the privileges of 1-0-2 luxury brands for high-end Gods

Annual gifts, intimate dinners with the CEO or even the front row at a fashion show are just traditional ways, VIP guests in the 4.0 era are enjoying increasingly unique experiences.

Crazy rich vip the privileges of 1-0-2 luxury brands for high-end Gods

When you pay from a few hundred to a million dollars for a brand every year, you automatically contribute a large percentage to the company’s revenue. Taking care of these VIPs is similar to “pouring capital” into an investment. Not only fashion, fashion houses are ready to become your partner in every daily experience from meals and games to travel and physical exercise.

Recently, CHANEL revealed that its goal in 2023 is to expand the system of private stores in Asia to serve VICs (very important customers). The first destination will be the capital Seoul (South Korea). In an interview with Business of Fashion, Chief Financial Officer Philippe Blondiaux said: “Our biggest concern is protecting our customers and in particular our long-time customers. We will invest in highly secure stores to serve them in the most personal way.”

CHANEL has always been the favorite brand of the elite. In 2021, when the whole world is at the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, CHANEL’s revenue will still grow by 50%, reaching a total of 15.6 billion USD (more than 362 billion VND). However, the image of long lines at Korean CHANEL stores and countless flap bags appearing on the street has somewhat raised concerns about the inherent class. This latest move of the French fashion house will “isolate” the VIP customer group from the lower segments.

If CHANEL chooses to send flowers, cakes or special designs that are not sold in the market on important occasions such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year; Christian Louboutin likes to give small notes next to a handbag worth hundreds of millions, Dior will engrave the customer’s name on high-end perfume bottles… However, the common point of these big brands is that Never gave the same gift on any occasion.

Sitting front-row at shows is not a strange story for the super-rich. The special point lies in the side activities. Fendi once entertained VIPs during a two-day Haute Couture show held at the Colosseum (Rome) with a range of experiences from exploring Renaissance ruins to picnicking at exclusive locations .

Louis Vuitton is no less competitive when “attaching” to the invitation to attend the fashion show other “schedules” such as a shoe introduction with the presence of the famous podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez, a culinary experience. at a Michelin-starred restaurant or countless private visits to the company’s tailoring or perfumery factories in Asnières and Grasse (France).

Paying for events will probably cost a lot of money from brands. However, fashion houses see this as a long-term and potential investment rather than thinking about losing. Such events are a strong bond between loyal customers and designers or creative directors. Especially in case they move to work for another brand, “keeping a relationship” will be an opportunity for those in the fashion industry to maintain their clientele as well as their reputation.

Have you ever thought of a person who is willing to “find a needle in a haystack” to find you the most precious diamonds in the world? This “heavenly” service actually exists for Dior’s “diamond” customers. Even the French fashion house “reaches out” to the field of art to find and buy art works for its “gods” – something that not every brand dares to try.

Prada is also a bright name in the list of brands that “play” for customers. Prada stores offer Made to Measure – an exclusive service that blends traditional and modern tailoring, giving customers the chance to stock up on suits, jackets, blazers , shirts and pants tailor-made west. In particular, the right to choose the style and fabric is in the hands of VIP guests, providing a highly personalized experience.

One to many ambassadors to help spread brand awareness is a global trend. However, veteran VIP guests are not so easily softened. In other words, they value personalization, both in terms of a brand’s products and events.

Hermès – one of the few luxury brands that does not appoint an ambassador but has never lost its leading position in the world. The long-standing French brand focuses on the meaning of luxury, and Hermès fashion events are not where the press can describe in the form of “gathering of cult stars”. Because secrecy creates the exclusivity that the elite crave.

As digitization is a global trend, the fashion industry is also witnessing a “change of skin” to the online form. In the context of the pandemic, technology devices have proven their importance in connecting with customers, creating a win-win situation for both sides. VIP guests can now fully view the collection online, next to them will be a powerful sales team who constantly record the clothes they like and assist in completing the order.

But technology doesn’t just stop at the quick – compact – fast “closing” screen, it is also the first step of customers before deeply understanding the brand. According to Jean-Laurent Vilon, Mazarine Asia Pacific CEO, China recorded the highest online conversions in third- and fourth-tier cities. If they keep an eye on a certain brand online, these customers will go to flagship stores in big cities to experience more, and finally return to the city they live in and order online.

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