Don’t be left behind with 6 spring-summer denim trends promoted by the big guys

Don't be left behind with 6 spring-summer denim trends promoted by the big guys

Denim alone will never go out of style, but with each passing season, new trends still make you look for more trendy designs. This year’s Spring-Summer runway offers a series of “let loose” silhouettes, intricate decor, muted color palettes and, above all, a “denim on denim” manifesto.

Don’t be left behind with 6 spring-summer denim trends promoted by the big guys


The meeting of the timeless beauties of fashion is realized in the iconic Louis Vuitton handbags . From the Onthego tote bag to the Speedy, Loop and Dauphine, the French house’s heritage designs now wear Monogram Jacquard Denim. Materials from popular origins become very luxurious, and designs that are decades old suddenly rejuvenate with the wind called denim.


The faded pants design of the 90s may have been “storming” for a long time, but this 2022, the game belongs to darker, bolder and “cooler” color palettes. Fashionistas accept dark jeans as a mysterious, chic and classic friend. From Gucci , Dior to Saint Laurent, many major fashion houses are rolling out the carpet for the return of this trend. Dark blue, navy , dark gray, … will be a reliable “assistant” to highlight the cheerfulness of neon accessories that everyone enjoys in Spring-Summer.


Hopes for a return of skinny jeans are probably futile in this day and age as the domination of loose silhouettes is only going to expand further. As anticipated from the wave of Y2K , this season, designers slung will stand along the empty tube and baggy pants baggy.

Not only young brands like Missoni, Molly Goddard, MSGM, etc., old fashion houses like Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana , etc. have also become more liberal with teen trends. However, there are many degrees of “late” that you can choose from, pants that show the whole hip bone or only half are valid.


The vibe with the ’90s and 2000s trends continues to bring the denim midi skirt back to its heyday. Although the long skirt has always been considered an indispensable representative of Fall-Winter fashion, this year, the denim skirt firmly stands in the Spring-Summer season with inspiration from period rom-com movies. childhood.

The conclusion to this year’s trend will be a statement of length, either extremely short like mini skirts, or at least going past the knee. Although we can’t be fooled with sturdy denim, the “denim girl” has also become much more feminine.


The denim parade is busier and more crowded with the entry of denim “raw” mixes. In the past, the beginning of the denim on denim style was the Canadian tuxedo (jeans plus jacket or denim shirt) that appeared with the legendary American singer – Bing Crosby in 1951. It really became a trend. outstanding fashion trends in the 2000s thanks to the images of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards.

Not only the accents that complement or accompany other materials, at the catwalks of Saint Laurent, Balenciaga , Blumarien, … denim was given a separate stage to show off the magic of the whole set. In particular, the combination of crop top and low-rise pants will be the fastest way to conquer the Y2K style.


A simple way to make any design more interesting is with eye-catching graphics. The motifs of animals, flowers or stickers will blow a fresh breeze at all familiar denim design. Butterfly or flower motifs always bring a lively and refreshing feeling typical of spring. Besides, the popular patchwork from the Fall-Winter season continues to be loved for its endless artistic inspiration.

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