Foot shakes and fashionable dances for the festive season

Foot shakes and fashionable dances for the festive season

It’s not crop tops, mini skirts or dusty denim outfits, shaking legs is the fashion “whirlwind” that has brought the taste of the 90s back to the trending gold table in the last season of the year. From an ultimate item for summer, this foot accessory has “evolved” and become a “nail” item for a series of street fashion mixes. In tune with the vibrant rhythm of the “trendy” party, let’s take a look at 4 outstanding foot-shake designs with ELLE that promise to give you the most attractive look right from your everyday outfits.

Foot shakes and fashionable dances for the festive season

If you have fallen in love with the Minimalism style , then surely the gold-colored footshake designs will be the extremely “matching” companions that you are still looking for. Against the background of monochrome combinations with a neutral color palette, shaking the legs as an elegant focal point highlights the entire fashion look. Not only possessing versatility through its streamlined lines, this accessory is also considered to be sincere when it skillfully enhances the warm skin tone of the majority of Asian followers.

Chic styles and mixes that are transformed into “all shapes and sizes” will never lose their hotness in the fashion field. And in this year’s fashion season, statement anklets have completely conquered the hearts of women.

Whether in the form of a large chain link or with surprising and disruptive designs, the statement shake is not a “difficult” accessory. Besides the timeless combination with high heels, you can completely conquer the chic concept with loafer designs that are ” storming ” the fashion world in recent seasons.

Inspiration from childhood plastic beads has officially regained the “kingdom” when conducting a colorful assault on the fashion realm in 2021. Painted with bright color combinations mixed with a little naughty, item This promises to be a powerful “weapon” for those who “play color”.

Along with the constant transformation of fashion trends, shell shakes are no longer “framed” in the image of the blue sea, golden sand or on the background of nomadic fields. They invade every corner of the city and appear widely in a series of street fashion mixes. Conquering all styles and designs, this is a must-try fashion experience for this festive season.


With its “statement” size and impromptu color play, statement necklaces are always a bold escape for minimalistic mixes. The recent dominance of maximalism has created momentum for the large-scale “riot” of the “giants” in the jewelry industry. The followers’ association is actively “promoting” unique designs with a variety of materials to attract the spotlight in each party.

Chain chains or chain links allow flexible variations in both the material and size of the links. In particular, the large metal designs with a strong and personal feeling are considered as jewelry symbols of the rappers of the 80s and 90s. The spirit of Hip Hop helps chain links combinations to express themselves.

the distinct identity of each individual. This is a “multi-function” necklace design because most of them go well with many different styles. If chain links combined with blazer or shirt affirms a modern and trendy style, then “addition” with basic items like T-shirts or strapless bras will “raise” your active look.

Not stopping at the simple links, this year’s fashion season also “stylizes” this item with creative charms to create an eye-catching and unique mixed chain links design. Contrary to the aggressive look, these “sociable” chains allow you to play with many layering recipes . However, consider their large size as well as the number of layers to avoid creating a heavy composition.

The exciting atmosphere after the pandemic could not be without the colorful “players”. The brilliant stones represent a unique and fresh beauty. This vibrancy is the perfect piece to help you shine in lavish parties, even with a simple outfit.

Because each color carries its own meaning of personality and energy, you will find yourself in these sparkling necklaces. The palette of green, amber yellow, blue or pastel pink will ensure a chic that is just right.

Joining the fashion scene in the 19th century, chokers are a symbol of simplicity, elegance and a bit of punk. No longer hanging around in familiar materials such as leather, pearls or lace, over time, chokers have become more haughty with sophisticated designs, studded with diamonds and precious stones .

If you want to enjoy the festive vibe, a choker necklace will be an ideal choice to complete a stylish and chic look with cleavage, off-the-shoulder and cut-neck outfits that show off your glamor. . Vivienne Westwood ‘s pearl choker design stands the test of time, while gold or metallic materials give it a regal, regal look.

Awakening nostalgic dreams, the plastic necklace ignites the optimistic and joyful spirit of Gen Z youth . After the trend of handmade beads, cheerful plastic and Barbie colors really landed on the catwalk, which is the playground of haughty jewels. The designs also become more sophisticated and trendy with the form of chains or “collabs” with logomania and gems.

Vibrant flowers are expected to stir up graphic trends in the Spring-Summer accessory world. With chunky plastic necklaces, every mix will be released from the modern spin to return on a journey to find new inspiration.

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