Is A Real Christmas Tree in Your Future? What You Need to Know

Is A Real Christmas Tree in Your Future? What You Need to Know

They are experiencing some of the hottest and driest months on record. And because they don’t have an established root system, the younger the trees are, the more vulnerable they are.” High temperatures were observed by NCTA members who cultivate Christmas trees this year, according to O’Connor, although the circumstance affected growers in the region differently. As a result, generalising about the influence on the industry as a whole is difficult.

Is A Real Christmas Tree in Your Future? What You Need to Know

“In agriculture, microclimates are quite important,” he explained. “There are some producers whose microclimate conditions led that heat to settle in a valley, and they did suffer substantial harm to their trees, which are usually not dead but some are injured to the point where they can’t be sold this year.” However, just across the hill, another grower had a considerably smaller negative influence.” It takes time for Christmas tree farms to pivot because trees take nearly a decade to mature on average, and certain species will only thrive in specific conditions found in specific regions. Farmers, on the other hand, are learning to adapt to the problems posed by climate change. “Many of our producers’ seedlings had a significant loss rate last spring, so they’re switching to fall plantings as a new practise,” O’Connor added. “What they’re finding is that trees planted in the fall get cooler, wetter weather and get a head start on developing than those planted in the spring, which was previously the norm, so it’s a cultural shift.”

They’re also trying out other tree kinds to see if they can handle the changing weather better.” Will there be problems as a result of the supply chain disruptions? Congested ports and overseas shipping delays are currently causing supply chain problems. Within the United States, there are also worker shortages and delivery delays. So far, O’Connor says he hasn’t noticed any significant effects on the genuine Christmas tree sector, which relies on trucks to bring firs, spruces, and other goods to lots and clients all across the country. “Certainly, on a case-by-case basis, someone’s Christmas trees could have some trucking difficulties,” he added. “However, I haven’t heard from any of our members that their trucking position has improved at this time.” This has been a component of their company for many years. They’ve had long-term ties with the trucks they use.

So, if it is impacted, it will be a bit of a shock.” Aside from deliveries to lots, most Christmas tree purchases are made in person, since people frequently drive to nearby farms to make their selections. O’Connor advises going early in the shopping window if you want your prefered tree variety and retailer. “The season usually begins the day after Thanksgiving, so most farms and lots open on Friday,” he stated. “Last year, some stores opened a week early because people inquired about getting a tree early. Still, the weekend following Thanksgiving is an excellent time to go tree shopping.

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