Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2021

Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2021

The handbags in the collection exude dramatic vibrancy through vibrant colors and interesting materials like faux fur. Fun textures are also reproduced on all different shapes. The spring vibes get even more exciting with impressive new versions of iconic handbags, including the SNAPSHOT WATERCOLOR, CREATURE SNAPSHOT, PLUSH SNAPSHOT and CRINKLE LEATHER TOTE BAG bags.

Marc Jacobs Resort Collection 2021

SNAPSHOT is an integral part of the brand’s DNA – a bag that is always innovative and highly collectible. For this season, the SNAPSHOT WATERCOLOR bag is inspired by the canvas work of New York artist Loren Erdrich. She is known for her mysterious, romantic portraits of people, animals and nature, allowing the imagination to flow. Her drawings on canvas are subtly reproduced on the SNAPSHOT WATERCOLOR bag. The combination of shades of blue and skin color makes the overall design more fashionable and eye-catching !

Besides, the newly released CREATURE SNAPSHOT bag has a very playful look, the entire body of the bag is covered with long hair except for the top! Available in bright pink and passionate orange, this is the perfect spring bag to refresh any outfit.

In contrast, the classic and elegant PLUSH SNAPSHOT bag in faux fur design with the signature two J logo is modified with studs. The chain strap makes the overall design more luxurious and attractive. The bag will be a companion in every event, every fun! The bag is released in many colors, from fluffy pink, baby feather yellow to mysterious black!

TRAVELER TOTE has always been one of the brand’s most beloved products. With a minimalist design and easy application, the bag can be used flexibly in many situations, from everyday wear to school, travel, etc! The combination of cropped and wrinkled leather with ivory-white trim around the bag lends an exhilarating spirit to this season’s CRINKLE LEATHER TOTE BAG. This is a unique design, easy to combine, and will definitely be a unique highlight for any outfit

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