Style’s Guide 5 best winter sneakers

Style's Guide 5 best winter sneakers

The phenomenon of witnessing the continued presence of the sneaker on the podium of seasonal trends is inexplicable, but at the same time completely understandable. On the other hand, no other type of footwear can hold this title for so long, the success is unshakable in the market as well as the emergence of a new style and the explosion of collectible culture. (with samples seen by Michael Jordan or by Kaye West, who sold at auction for millions of dollars).

Style’s Guide 5 best winter sneakers

At the same time, the sneaker’s comfort and versatility unique to the fashion scene make this accessory an alternative that makes us ignore the need for glitz in favor of practicality. This does not mean that they must also follow trends,with the backing waves sometimes pushing us to all-white versions and the opposite movements to absolute black instead. With 5 main trends appearing on the catwalk and street style, these are the must-have sneaker models for fall-winter 2021.

Sneakers with black or night blue noses leverage the power of color to create continuity and contrasting effects. Retaining the inherent elegance of darker tones, these shoes are ideal if you want to combine sporty style with unmistakable sophistication.

The world of basketball and the idol population, by Michael Jordan and LeBron James, rules the playing field of street fashion, especially when it comes to sneakers. As a result, well-known brands in the field propose models inspired by these basketball legends, upgrading in version 2.0 the same silhouettes they used in games. Often characterized by multicolored patterns and the presence of maxi logos, they have become a true collector’s accessory.

There is no need to repeat the importance of white sneakers in women’s (and men’s) wardrobes. Their essentials, basic aesthetic, and ease of pairing with any outfit, make them a must-have for contemporary fashion and style. Also this winter, we see them in simple and minimalist styles, worn under flared pants, midi skirts or even with tailored suits .

Athleisure, or simply a combination of gym clothes with ready-to-wear details, redefines the presence of sneakers in street style, thus becoming a winter trend. The advantages are countless, from comfort to comfortability, but one factor is the common denominator of every outfit: running sneakers. Lightweight, aerodynamic and made from technical materials that support running and training, they’re perfect to wear with ’80s-inspired workout suits, oversized jackets and beanies.

The ’90s were an endless source of inspiration in urban clothing. It is during this decade that we are seeing the rise and affirmation of rap music and dressing directed towards the suburbs of major US cities. Characters like Lauryn Hill or the Salt-N-Pepa trio (composed of Cheryl James, Sandra Denton, and Latoya Hanson) have influenced an entire generation with their baggy pants, baggy sweatshirts, and visor cap , making sneakers an integral part of their outfits. Between fit and roomy options, ankle-highs or Converse pairs, the ’90s provided all the ideas and advice we needed.

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