Olivia rodrigo and nostalgic sustainable fashion tones

Olivia rodrigo and nostalgic sustainable fashion tones

After a period of stirring up the world’s top charts with hits like Drivers License or Good 4 U, Olivia Rodrigo from a Disney Channel child actress quickly rose to a new star in the country music sky. America. From tone to theme, the teenage girl’s compositions are covered with a space full of memories of the 90s and 2000s.

Olivia rodrigo and nostalgic sustainable fashion tones

Not stopping there, her penchant for mixing modern and antique Olivia’s classic is also clearly shown through her extremely personal style of dress. By constantly appearing in public in vintage clothes as well as reselling the costumes in his MV on the commerce site specializing in secondhand goods.– Depop, Olivia Rodrigo is being known as a typical representative of the vintage aesthetic movement towards sustainability.

“I wish I was born in the 90s so I could grow up in the era of my favorite music . ” Republishing old artistic heritages with a modern breath has become the main spirit of Olivia Rodrigo’s creations and fashion styles. From the musical works of Courtney Love, the impressive stages of great singer Mariah Carey, the “pop teen” music of Britney Spears to the famous moments of Lana Del Rey from Born to Die or Taylor . Swift with Picture to Burn , all of them show nostalgia but full of youth in Gen Z female idols’ costumes through a bold new-age way of conveying.

Classic school movies like Clueless (1995) or The Princess Diaries (2001) also became great materials for Olivia Rodrigo to bring into her stylish schoolgirl image. Whether in the MV or a real-life event, she always appears fresh with symbols of schoolgirl uniforms such as pleated skirts or checkered patterns .

A bit of ’90s grunge, a bit of 2000s color, and a little bit of teenage sweetness, Olivia’s limelight style is the perfect amalgamation of nostalgia. of artists of the past era and a liberal Californian breath. Although associated with sad lyrics, Olivia’s performance costumes are not only limited to gentle feminine dresses but also have a “rock chic” vibe that is bold and flashy with even dress designs. layered flying or dusty checkered pattern and leather boots Dr. Martens personality.

“Even though she is only 17 years old, she has a strong sense of sustainable living. We often walk around California’s second-hand neighborhood and are passionate about finding unique vintage clothes on Depop.” – Olivia Rodrigo’s stylist Laura Sophie Cox in an interview with Pop Sugar.

As one of the most sought-after young stars today, Olivia can obviously wear high-end pieces from top fashion houses, but mix them in Haute Couture outfits reserved for big awards ceremonies. At that time, the female idol still regularly performed on television with costumes that cost only a few hundred dollars “hunted” from secondhand stores.

Charming with art since the age of 13, Olivia Rodrigo soon had the opportunity to strut her stuff on prestigious red carpet events. But also from here, the audience witnessed the “vertigo” maturity of the Disney princess on her increasingly sublimated career. When she was still a high school girl, the 10X idol often appeared on the red carpet with girly princess lace dresses and a gentle and romantic pastel color palette.

However, when she turned 18 for only a few months, in all three of Olivia’s most recent red carpet events, the public quickly saw her bold “turn” in tight outfits. tight and sexy cut-out . The pop idol’s springtime beauty “hypnotizes” all eyes with bold and seductive colors like fuchsia pink and black.

During her walks on the street, Olivia Rodrigo often impresses with playful and stylish Y2K mixes from her secondhand wardrobe. Still taking nostalgia as inspiration, she adds a bit of mischief with a subtle and new color play. Iconic 2000 fashion items such as baby tees, super-short mini skirts, low-rise pants or fur collar coats are improvised with textures and accessories like eyeglasses and beads. plastic . Converse Classic shoes or chunky boots are also indispensable items on Olivia’s set.

Sometimes, she also brings into her mix a bit of classic elegance with items such as corsets , silk skirts or the iconic Parisian Chic style beret . Even casual fashion, cinematic quality still emerges clearly in Olivia Rodrigo’s style.

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