Purple color continues to dominate the playground of women’s fashion in the fall-winter 2020 season

Purple color continues to dominate the playground of women's fashion in the fall-winter 2020 season

The vibrant summer atmosphere, the fashionistas had the opportunity to show off the extremely fresh and trendy lilac purple outfits, this Fall-Winter, purple shades will continue to hold the throne in the field of fashion. beauty page. From monochromatic layer combinations to the perfect combination of color schemes with purple to create a very unique cold weather fashion picture, suitable for all situations.

Purple color continues to dominate the playground of women’s fashion in the fall-winter 2020 season

Dubbed “Millennial Purple” (thousand-year-old purple color, timeless tone), the gentle, luxurious, yet mysterious purple shades are the trendy tones to conquer the fashion of the season. Today’s Autumn and Winter. In addition to the familiar monochrome sets, purple also creates many great combinations and different color schemes for women to confidently pose in stylish #ootd photos.

Purple + Orange: The combination of purple and hot colors like orange is the ideal suggestion to have a look that is both modern and youthful. Women can coordinate orange for the lower half with a pair of high-waisted leather pants and layer and feminine purple for the top half with sweaters, long coats. Or a mix of purple outfits with orange fashion accessories such as boots, bags… is also a great suggestion for girls who love this autumn-winter fashion.

Purple + Green: It seems that the purple and green formula has become a favorite combination of women in recent times when lilac purple dominates the summer 2020 fashion scene. This color scheme not only brings about elegance and power, but also respects the wearer’s figure and skin.

Purple + Neutral/Beige: Finally, the formula for combining purple outfits with fashion items in neutral colors (such as white, black, gray) or beige will never disappoint fashionistas. In particular, when layering items with this recipe, the girls easily create accents in their style and conquer all eyes.

Monochrome: The trend of monochrome coordination never seems to show any signs of cooling down in the field of women’s fashion. Because monochrome does not mean monotonous. Ladies can choose their favorite purple item, then highlight it with the difference of fabrics (such as leather, velvet, silk fabrics, chiffon…) or bold contrasts. – pale of purple.

Normcore: Not only men, women in the past few years have been extremely fond of the unique breakthrough from normcore style. Originally mixed in a random way, creating a little sloppy accent, but normcore only shows its full beauty when women know how to coordinate color shades and fabrics to avoid causing discomfort to the eyes. the opposite.

Maximalism: One of the fashion styles that promises to bring a vibrant Fall-Winter season is maximalism. If minimalism emphasizes minimalism, maximalism shows exaggeration through striking colors and textures. With the rise of purple this Fall-Winter, women can combine bright fashion items (such as orange, red, pink, green, blue or pastel) and animal skin motifs ( textures of tiger skin, snake skin, leopard skin…) to create the most stylish maximalism sets.

Bourgeois: In addition to purple outfit combinations with a modern twist, why don’t women try to go back in time to nostalgic values ​​with a luxurious bourgeois (middle class in Europe) style mix but equally stylish? This Fall-Winter fashion season, pleated skirts or dresses will continue to keep the “kingdom” in the fashion village. Besides, structured blazer designs, silk blouses and fur coats are always ideal choices for girls.

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