Blazers and all kinds of stylish variations fall winter

Blazers and all kinds of stylish variations fall winter

Previously, blazers were considered boring fashion items because they were only suitable for formal events. However, in the contemporary fashion loop with new style variations, the blazer has become one of the great items to create a trendy style for women.

Blazers and all kinds of stylish variations fall winter

Luxurious and sexy, the blazer dress is like a feminist statement in the new era with a stiff shoulder structure, a tight waistband that creates a slim feeling that helps women show off their beautiful hourglass figure. In addition to combining with turtlenecks, shirts or other styles of sheer or penetrating silk, today’s fashion of wearing a blazer concealing lingerie is also extremely loved by many beauties of the entertainment industry in Vietnam and the world.

Besides, when it comes to accompanying accessories, women often choose for themselves a classic and luxurious handbag design when going with this blazer model. However, to create new combinations when wearing a blazer again, women can choose a stomach bag or replace it with a wide belt worn around the waist. And finally, blazer dresses look best when paired with high heel designs, especially near or above knee high boots.

The way of dressing with many tones on the same set of clothes is considered one of the ways to create accents for the fashion style of the girls. With only at least two different tones, ladies can freely fly with their stylish mix & match ideas. However, not everyone is confident with the color combination of the outfit without the overall being disproportionate, to solve that worry, the color wheel will be an effective assistant for the ladies in choosing. Choose the most suitable color.

In general, to have a beautiful color block and blazer set, you need to master the following 3 basic combinations. The first is how to mix two or more color shades that are close together on the color wheel. Ladies can choose a standard tone, then choose to add one or two tones adjacent to the standard tone. For example, with scarlet (5) as the standard, the appropriate color gamut to create a color block set is orange (5) and pink (5).

The second is to mix two or more opposing tones. With this color scheme, you can choose two shades of color at two opposite positions on the color wheel and that is one warm tone and one cool tone. For example, the pair of mustard yellow (4) and lilac (4).

The third color scheme used by many famous fashion houses in the past seasons is the color scheme in a perpendicular position. This combination creates new and modern sets. With only one standard color tone, ladies can compare in a perpendicular position on the palette to find the right shade. For example, the pair of olive green (3) and sandstone orange (2).

For the followers of minimalism but still expressing their own fashion personality, minimalism is the style that women are looking for. Especially this Fall-Winter, minimalism-style layering and blazers are the perfect choice to go to any event or event.

With minimalism, ladies can choose to design a blazer dotted with a structured belt for a more personal, luxurious look.

The image of graceful Parisians dropping gracefully with luxurious floral silk dresses or simply turtlenecks combined with pleated skirts and loose cardigans has stirred many eyes. No longer simply a luxurious beauty from timeless fashion items, très-chic style also brings a youthful spirit and American personality to modern girls.

The combination of blazer and classic fashion items according to the très-chic formula promises to be crowned in this autumn-winter season. Ladies can choose for themselves structured blazer or unstructured blazer to combine with pleated dress, turtleneck dress, T-shirt, wide leg pants…

Monochrome is one of the styles that is always on the wish-list of ladies every autumn and winter. Monochrome is not only encapsulated in the ton-sur-ton range for the overall set, but is varied with many different shades of the same color tone to create outstanding highlights. Girls can choose materials as accents for the monochrome set such as leather, suede, silk fabrics… or shades of green including olive green, pine green, seafoam blue… This Fall-Winter, In addition to warm tones such as earth colors (ivory, ocher, beige…), pine green, purple, and ochre yellow will be crowned in women’s fashion.

The normcore set for an afternoon coffee date or picnic with a group of friends is the perfect idea. Randomly combining available items in the wardrobe has never been so easy when women already own a beautiful blazer model. Women can combine a blazer with a hoodie, t-shirt, skirt or wide-leg pants for a youthful, dynamic and extremely personality look with normcore style for the autumn-winter season.

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