Take a look at the 10 most prominent asian fashionistas on instagram

Take a look at the 10 most prominent asian fashionistas on instagram

Not only possessing impressive personal styles, the Asian fashionistas in the following list also inspire millions of followers to dress well. Their charisma is the clearest proof of a young generation of Asians who are full of enthusiasm and possess a passionate passion for fashion.

Take a look at the 10 most prominent asian fashionistas on instagram

Making a strong impression and personality through the image of a petite Asian girl, dark skin and platinum hair, Vanessa Hong stands out among the fashionista forest on the streets of Paris or Milan every time fashion week takes place. Vanessa is also known for her travel and food stories through her blog The Haute Pursuit.

Emerging with the nickname “trendy girl” , Khanh Linh is one of the outstanding fashion faces of the Vietnamese fashion village at the moment. With the ability to mix & match trendy fashion with high applicability and aesthetic taste sensitive to trends, Khanh Linh “chameleon” easily conquers all fashion styles and becomes the new “muse” of fashionistas. luxury brands.

Aimee Song is one of the hottest Asian fashionistas with more than 5 million followers and 2 million monthly Song of Style blog views. Song’s image is aimed at a young urban girl who loves fashion, traveling and having a good time with friends. Recently, Song has launched her own fashion brand in conjunction with Revolve.

She is considered one of the street style goddesses with a creative and inspirational style. Tiffany loves fashion, once dreamed of being a designer, but she fell in love with the retail industry. Currently, she is the Fashion Buying Director of the Mytheresa e-commerce site.

Susanna, also known as Susie Lau, is famous for her blog Style Bubble since 2006. Often sitting in the front row at hit shows, Susie’s style is constantly evolving with many types of impromptu texture combinations. . She once shared: “Fashion is always taken as a joke and I hope I can change that.”

Known as the leading Korean model in the fashion world, Soo Joo is loved by brands for her Asian monolid eyes and cheekbones. Not only appearing in top magazines, advertising campaigns of famous brands, Soo Joo is also an enthusiastic and attractive female DJ.

Possessing a pretty and youthful face, Kozue Akimoto impresses with her extremely stylish fashion sense. With a modern feminine style, she is one of the Asian fashionistas pursuing the avant-garde style with brands such as Yohji Yamamoto , Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens. She also regularly wears Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Sacai outfits.

In 2017, the world fashion-loving online community admired the appearance of 6-year-old fashionista Coco from Japan. The girl not only has a lovely bob hair that knows how to dress, but Coco also exudes the aura of a true fashionista. The way she mixes clothes, accessories, jewelry and “coolness” makes even adults admire.

Urassaya, known as Yaya, is one of the superstars of the Millennials generation of the land of golden temples. Possessing a beauty that is a mixture of Thailand and Norway, Yaya appears densely on TV screens and advertisements, making her influence spreading to young people really strong. Yaya is also the only actor and singer chosen by Louis Vuitton as the face of the brand in Thailand .

Got a slim figure to become a style icon? Naomi Watanabe proved otherwise. She does not have a slim body, but in return, she has confidence, love for life and taste. Naomi is one of the most popular fashion icons in Japan with over 8.8 million followers on Instagram, providing inspiration in dressing for chubby women .

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