The fashion industry changes as a result of Virgil Abloh’s 3% transformation

The fashion industry changes as a result of Virgil Abloh's 3% transformation

In Virgil Abloh’s career, this can be seen as an important milestone in his continued influence as well as that of “Off-white”. Going back to the context of the footwear industry in 2018, in terms of brand coverage and the impact on how many people dress in it – the battle between the two giants adidas and Nike

The fashion industry changes as a result of Virgil Abloh’s 3% transformation

The game seems to be leaning more towards Part of the brand comes from Germany with the participation of another trendsetter, Kanye West. Nike is on the way back to competing directly with the adidas Yeezy Boost and they need a suitable name to lead and drive this. One also has the ability to create trends and deeply impact the current generation. And there is no one more suitable than Virgil Abloh – the once right-hand man of Kanye West.

Nike teamed up with Off-white or more precisely Virgil Abloh in releasing a collaboration called “The Ten”. One of the largest and most extensive collections (In terms of collaborations) ever in the footwear industry, considered by many sneaker magazines as a “great” and “ambitious” collab.

In The Ten: Nike x Off-white, it fits the criteria of both sides as Nike controls quite a bit of the creation of the collaborative designers and Virgil Abloh with his “3% Principle”. Just enough, not too confusing, straight to the market’s desire – The Ten brings a new concept to many people, which is the word “AIR”, “FOAM” to remind of Off’s logo quotes. -white as well as the orange zipper “redundant but lacking”. To talk about that Zip, Although it does not bring convenience to the shoes, if it is lacking, it will reduce the value of the shoes quite a lot. That is the value of Off-white, the value of Virgil Abloh.

Nike x Off-white: The Ten immediately caused an explosion. With 10 products, both Nike and Virgil Abloh have reached a variety of customers with different purposes of using shoes based on the communication resonance of the collab. The combination of Nike’s iconic designs such as the Air Jordan 1 Chicago Bulls, Airmax 90, Air Force 1 and newer styles such as Air Presto, Vapormax, ZoomFly has helped Nike both “recall” old values ​​and “promote” ” new value based on Off-white identifier.

Since the launch of The Ten, Nike has gradually regained its position in the competition with adidas before becoming the most popular shoe brand in the following years. It is no exaggeration to say that The Ten is an important landmark.

And Virgil succeeds in increasing the value of his simple designs but good applications. “ Everything in quotes”, the sneaker designs in The Ten are not much different from the original. Just to add some details, double layer – outside tag etc but what catches the eye is something in quotation marks and an orange zip. Continuously, continuously and continuously, the whole world was “drunk” in quotes from Virgil Abloh. It is also the premise for collabs with large interior and exterior brands like IKEA with Off-white to increase coverage.

It is the resounding success of Nike x Off-white: The Ten and the achievements that come from his brand, that has made Virgil touch a larger historical event called: Louis Vuitton.

Virgil had everything in hand: money, position, fame, but there was still something missing that even Kanye West didn’t have. It is a recognition by a higher class, here the writer would like to say frankly that it is the high fashion world: “The temple of the white man”. The success of Virgil Abloh and the way he shows arrangement

understanding of the market has led Louis Vuitton to announce Virgil Abloh officially becomes its first black fashion designer. Yes, Virgil has joined LVMH– one of the most powerful fashion systems in the world. And Louis Vuitton is a brand that also has many “charms” with street fashion (Kanye West x LV, Supreme x LV). This proves and is recognition without a specific paper or degree – for the “Game Changer” coming from Virgil Abloh.

Before the time that Virgil joined, Louis Vuitton was only remembered by the younger generation for bags and wallets printed with the “old” LV monogram logo that were often said that “Only old people use them”. In the period of 2016 – 2017, the wave of street fashion exploded and of course the “old” things of Louis Vuitton proved to be much worse than new names like Gucci , Balenciaga

(belonging to the Kering group). Overall, Louis Vuitton may be famous for its young customers at that time for accessories, but what about clothes? Especially the menswear branch did not have a young man who would appreciate and buy Louis Vuitton at that time. What Louis Vuitton needs is a person who can create hype, making people always talk about it, a guy called “Trend-setter”.

The tycoons of LVMH and even Louis Vuitton understand that they cannot develop in a sophisticated and complex way, difficult to reach users like other brands – especially for a market that spends money on brand value. as much as China. If you invite someone with a very different “ego” to make fashion, Louis Vuitton risks continuing to go down the “old” path that has been encountered. Virgil Abloh, with the language and shaping of both Gen Z ‘s simple art and fashion common sense, is a calculated and logical choice for LVMH’s visionary and strategic path.

And so the emotional embrace between Kanye West and Virgil Abloh took place during Louis Vuitton’s menswear debut show. The presence of Virgil Abloh, a person of color in LVMH, is significant, he is not only a game changer but also brings diversity of skin color in large fashion groups.

A game of chess turned upside down as Louis Vuitton was determined to shed its aging luxury image and jump to something new and trendy alongside its core icons because, more than anyone, it understood that in the In the upcoming middle period (5-10 years), Louis Vuitton’s main customers are not old men and women in Europe and America, but Gen Z: young people from Asia. When Virgil Abloh joined Louis Vuitton

he continued to influence the world fashion scene. Utility jackets, LV monogram-covered crosbodies appear at street fashion events, Louis Vuitton sneakers are popular again.. If you don’t believe and see Virgil’s clear strategic path, How could Louis Vuitton let him bring cartoon images to his Spring/Summer 2021 designs? Louis Vuitton in recent years has always been at the top of the most popular, searched and used brands according to statistics. It is “The Virgil Abloh Influence”.

Virgil Abloh has chosen to fight silently with his illness for 2 years to continue dedicating to his passion in particular and the fashion industry in general. Regarding his personal life, Virgil is considered to be a very humble person who listens and learns hard. Virgil’s departure, knowing that it left a shock and a hole in the hearts of many fashion lovers, nonetheless, he did not have to fight the disease anymore – no longer tired and went to a good place. than to rest.

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