UEFA held a re-draw for the 1/8 round of this year’s Champions League

UEFA held a re-draw for the 1/8 round of this year's Champions League

This is also the first time in history that the draw for the eighth round of the Champions League has to take place again. According to the announcement of UEFA officials, the problem was caused by technical problems from the supplier. But what is the truth, only the insiders understand the best.

UEFA held a re-draw for the 1/8 round of this year’s Champions League

Specifically, at the time of the draw to choose an opponent for Atletico Madrid, the ball named Manchester United was accidentally eliminated. This caused the representative from England to face PSG in the first qualifying round. The much-anticipated confrontation between Ronaldo and Messi could not come true after detecting mistakes in the draw.

Another mistake in the ceremony also came from Atletico Madrid when the opponent that was supposed to face them was Liverpool club, although these two teams had clashed in the group stage. The same thing happens with the match between Man United and Villarreal. Before that, the two teams were also in the same group in the outer round. Is this really a case of technical glitches or UEFA’s premeditated calculations?

Money and fame is always something that players are attracted to every time they move to play in the English Premier League. But there are a few names that have crossed the line and now face being behind bars. The two closest names to join this group are Benjamin Mendy (Manchester City) and Gylfi Sigurdsson (Everton).

As for Benjamin Mendy, the French left-back is charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault with three girls under the age of 16 between October 2020 and August 2021. The seriousness of the incident prompted the local police to issue an urgent arrest warrant for the 27-year-old defender to serve the investigation.

As for Sigurdsson, the 31-year-old Icelandic player was arrested for child molestation. According to many sources, the star playing for Everton sent a text message to a girl under the age of 18 and was arrested and searched her home in the middle of July this year.

Regional police confirmed Sigurdsson will be in prison until January 2022, when the case will be heard. He has been sitting behind bars since July. Thus, the total time this player will have to spend in prison is up to 6 months.

If it’s not the openings, it could be the forward forward crosses for the midfielders in the space between the two opposing lines. Also sometimes, the central midfield pair of Man Utd will back to receive the ball to move forward.

Ralf Rangnick said after the game that the patch that led to Cavani’s equalizing goal was something he and his students had prepared. This is based on Man Utd know how to exploit the strongest point of the Uruguayan striker, which is the ability to move wisely in the opponent’s box. The fact that Ronaldo plays higher and moves in depth to close to the 5m50 line helps pull in Newcastle’s defenders, thereby opening up more areas of activity for Cavani to easily receive the ball, mainly horizontal lines, returning from right. The ball in the 55th minute and the equalizer in the 70th minute are two typical examples of El Matador’s talent, as well as a motif with the imprint of Man Utd’s lessons.

Either way, 1-1 is definitely not a score that makes Ralf Rangnick and Red Devils fans happy. Speaking like the German coach, the ability to impose and control the game – something he has always emphasized from his first press conference as Man Utd manager – has not been seen before Newcastle. For Man Utd to become a team to compete with Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea will be an unattainable project overnight. Ralf Rangnick created a viral expectation effect, but he himself warned in advance that the journey would take time and require patience.

Can this 2022 be said to be Mbappe’s year when he has set specific goals with the club as well as with the national team steadfastly right from the start of the season? Setting that collective goal shows that Mbappe has carefully planned his path to conquer the Ballon d’Or, and once carefully planned, people will be closer to achievement than just waiting for fate to fall. But even if Mbappe can’t be satisfied this year, his Ballon d’Or plan is still a very realistic one that he persistently pursues, because he understands that only winning the Ballon d’Or will begin to enter the race for the title. world number 1 superstar.

Regardless of the outcome of 2022, it will certainly be Mbappe’s year in media coverage. The way he performs in the next two matches against Real is enough to consume the press’s time. Then the assignment goes – your stay in the next 6 months. That would be a real bomb in the transfer market. Of course, there is also the 2022 World Cup, the Ballon d’Or race. Success or failure, Mbappe will still be the focus of the most attention. It is he, not anyone else, who will be the one to issue the cannon to signal a new era of football as well as declare: the time of Messi and Ronaldo is over.

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