Verstappen beat Hamilton again to take the pole F1 British Grand Prix

Verstappen beat Hamilton again to take the pole F1 British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton looks increasingly out of control with Max Verstappen due to losing again in the qualifying round of the 2021 British F1 Grand Prix race.

Verstappen beat Hamilton again to take the pole F1 British Grand Prix

Currently leading the F1 World Championships individual rankings, Dutch driver Max Verstappen of Red Bull continues to outperform Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton by taking pole at the British Grand Prix this weekend.

The Red Bull driver completed the 100km race at Silverstone ahead of the British record holder, while Valtteri Bottas also of Mercedes finished third.

Before entering the official race this weekend, Verstappen is 32 points ahead of the 7 times world champion driver. By occupying the pole, Verstappen earned 3 more points, Hamilton got 2, and Bottas received 1 point.

The moral support of the British driver is now only that he has won the British Grand Prix 7 times. However, the qualifiers made that belief a little shaken as he took a 17-lap lead, only to be surpassed by Verstappen. Hamilton admits it will be difficult to get his 99th career win in front of 90,000 fans in the 52 lap main race.

F1 Hungarian Grand Prix: Strange No. 1 and Vettel incident crashes FIA web

The Hungarian F1 Grand Prix has just ended in drama with an incident that knocked out one-time Formula One star Sebastian Vettel.

Alpine team Esteban Ocon’s finish to the top of the 2021 F1 Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​a result almost certainly no one would have thought of. Not only that, the driver who holds the record of 7 times Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton only finished 3rd, behind his old rival Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton’s new rival Max Verstappen finished 10th.

But 4 hours after the race ended, except for Esteban Ocon, the drivers were promoted to 1 rank, including Hamilton and Verstappen. The reason was that the result of Vettel was canceled, because the driver did not have enough fuel in the car to supply the FIA ​​(International Racing Federation).

The change in drivers’ rankings has resulted in Hamilton now leading the overall standings with an 8 point gap over Verstappen, as the British star of Mercedes earned 18 more points compared to 2 of the Dutch driver. for Red Bull.

The reason Vettel was disqualified was that when the race was over, his car did not have enough 1 liter of fuel left to provide samples to the FIA ​​under article 6.6.2 of the F1 Technical Regulations at the end of each Grand Prix race.

However, the cars of Williams drivers such as Nicholas Latifi and George Russell also fell into the same situation, but the FIA ​​did not penalize them. Unexpectedly, Formula 1 fans’ demand to see the FIA’s interpretation of Vettel’s differential treatment of Hamilton’s compatriot Russell brought down the organization’s website.

According to information from BTC, Vettel did not bring the car back to the pit, but left it at turn 12 and only provided 300ml of fuel. BTC conducted an investigation and took nearly 90 minutes to make a decision.

This is not the first time Vettel has had this problem, but he was involved in a similar incident in 2012 with Hamilton that made them both disqualified.

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