Balenciaga couture fall-winter 2021 contemporary echoes of the past

Balenciaga couture fall-winter 2021 contemporary echoes of the past

Today, there are still many people who compare the Balenciaga of the present and the past, claiming that what Demna Gvasalia is doing is a prank with fashion in general and disrespecting Balenciaga’s DNA in particular. Surely with what Demna shows through ready-to-wear collections , it is no wonder his ability is questioned. T-shirts, jeans, joggers, bombers and life jackets for couture fashion houses?

Balenciaga couture fall-winter 2021 contemporary echoes of the past

A lot of fashionistas have dabbled in a Balenciaga of the present. Demna incorporated a number of haute couture designs into her Fall-Winter 2017 collection both to refute doubts about her abilities and to hint at Balenciaga’s intention to reinvigorate the haute couture line.

The guests who were already eager had to wait more than 30 minutes for Bella Hadid. But thank goodness! The show atmosphere and the collection make the wait not to be wasted. Only the sound of flashing lights, the sound of the model’s footsteps, the sound of fabrics rubbing against each other. The musicless show is a tribute to Cristobal Balenciaga’s silent working style.

How wonderful it is to feel like you are going back in time to participate in a Haute Couture performance, but at the same time it is new and impressive. Demna has chosen the founder’s classic designs and renewed her style. With streamlined cuts, sophisticated reconstruction techniques and high-class modern materials, Demna has expressed the quintessence of high fashion through designs for day, evening and especially dress. Daytime has the impression of evening dress.

With prom designs, what could be more couture than generous forms made from high-quality materials? It’s satin silk or embroidered taffeta with a 60’s motif. To reflect modern fashion, Demna uses a textured texture like feathers. Especially the design is covered with artificial feathers from silk fabric treated with tassels.

It is to pay tribute to Cristobal Balenciaga. The street-specific Balenciaga brand image crept into Haute Couture as both predicted and announced before. Notable are two classic items t-shirt made of high quality satin silk and jeans made from high quality Japanese denim with silver buttons. The post-Soviet craze continues with hooded sweatshirts and nylon jackets. Demna’s mark is also reflected in the Frankenstein-style padded jackets that look extremely luxurious for men.

It is easy to see this collection as the biggest test of Demna Gvasalia’s career and he has chosen to satisfy both Cristobal Balenciaga fans and his own. It is not only a fresh look at the original designs but also a new concept of “street couture” as everyday street fashion is raised to a new level.

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